Do you buy gifts of any nature for all of your non immediate family members for birthdays, Christmass etc?

Your brothers, sisters, parents in law, brothers and sisters in law, cousins, friends etc?
If you do, do you keep it simple and inexpensive and what type of gifts do you buy?

Yes we do but we keep it practical. We have a ‘wish list’ and there the children can say what they want withing a reasonable price range. We will buy something nice for the adults in the form a things to eat and so on but it is getting more and more difficult especially with the prices of items nowadays.

We are all grown ups in our family. So IF we all get together for Christmas, and only then, we would not really buy anything. Of course, if we had to come from Germany and visit for Christmas, then we would natch bring presents along with us, though it would then not be specifically for Christmas.

When the kids were all still in school, they still all got something, but in the end it was just chocolates or something. Our actual gift to everyone is the slap up meal with which we spoil ourselves. That is also a major expense. Usually puddings is my responsibility.

For birthdays, again we would buy only if we were there for the occasion. We do not bother with sending presents by mail. Most of the time it never gets there, in any case.

Sure I buy a bag of Liquorice All Sorts and let them fight over who is going to get the one with the little yellow sprinkles on it…

Just kidding – we always have a big present opening at Christmas and it really gets out of hand, my wife and I are the biggest culprits for buying expensive gifts and it has started a very “unhealthy” trend where all family members feel compelled to match our gifts…

We have decided this year to keep all gifts under R100 and the balance is going to be sent to a charity that we ALL choose – alternatively we are going to make up Christmas packages – climb in the car and go hand them out – Much better idea..!!!

Clicks has a great bath stuff (including Dischem), that you can buy which is non expensive and relaxing. I normally get those for family. There’s always nice places as well to buy men their toys… I love buying multi function pocket knives for the men or deo’s. Any gift, anyway, is better than no gift at all…. although I normally get spoilt rotten by everyone. I suppose its the whole Kimora Lee Simmons thing I have going on. People tend to think I’m a hard to please pri madonna… I dont mind the perception, it gets me the hottest apparells and attire and gadgets……

I buy egular gifts for people in my household, but extended family and that get christmas only, and then we budget $10 max. I have a huge family and we are spread all over the world, so shipping is often an issue.

No not anymore, now i just buy gifts for my mom, my mother in law and my aunt, we buy a gift for say R50.00 at Christmas for a man and a woman, then we number the gifts and each man and woman draws a number, and that is your gift – it works for us, you just can’t buy for everybody anymore

If I have children and a wife I would buy presents on these days. I do not buy presents for specific days. However I buy presents for family and friends out of the blue. When I come across something that I think someone needs or would like to have, I buy it for them even if it is not a special day. I like to give surprise presents. I’m not big on birthday and holiday presents. It is if people expect something or want something in return for the present they might give you. I think my form of buying presents are more sincere.

No i buy my parents birthday and christmas presents and for my own family. Oh and I will buy presents for my brother and sister in laws children, but the adults do not buy presents for each other. It is always a nightmare what to buy for my Dad……

Not any more…..cost of living plus expenses is getting too far beyond everything reasonable
and they appreciate an email or a phone call just as much for the “thought” ..!!

Similiar to Lise , we mostly get gifts for the kids in the family and not all the adults ,the “whole family” gets also a box of chocs and a bottle of wine or something. it can become very expensive…

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