Do you ever annoy yourself?

Is it bad when you get on your own nerves?

I’m my own worst enemy
It’s bad when you ignore yourself…

I like my nerves, so I get on them all the time and annoy them just a bit. Is that bad?

Lately, I’ve been neglecting myself, but I don’t seem to get the message. Every night, I crawl into bed, and there I am. What kind of loser puts up with that type of behavior? I tried talking to myself, but I just don’t listen. I took a swing at me, but I missed. Maybe if I put on a ton of weight….

No lie, I was just saying to someone the other day, “Hell, I get on my own nerves.”

I don’t know how to stop!

All the time.

All the time!

All the f-in time

Every time I get drunk and can’t remember what I said toward the end of the night before!

Yes and no. I get annoyed, but it makes me take action…

sure but it only happens when I do something stupid which is a bout once or twice a day so maybe I should change my answer to daily

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