Do you think the Little Leaguers are juicing?

I think it’s pretty obvious watching the Little League World Series – there are more home runs than ever, pitchers are pitching on 2 days rest…it’s unbelievable! And these kids are bigger then ever, 11-12 year olds look like 15-16 year olds, and that’s a big difference.

Some of the kids on the…

No because steroids close up your growth plates in your bones. Most of the 12 year olds are the height of the 16 year olds.

Kids that play at a high level always seem to be bigger than the average kid.. My son plays Travel Hockey as an 11-year old.. He plays with and against all 11 year olds.. and on every team we face, there are always three or four ‘kids’ that are taller than me (I am 5-9) I am not surprised, with the nutrition information, kids that play high level of athletics paying more attention to what they eat and drink.. My son is a goalie (the kid in the pic) and he refuses to drink any soda, only drinks milk or ‘real’ juice, Gator aids and bottled water no koolaid.. refuses to eat birthday cake at parties.. occasionally will ‘allow’ himself a cinnamon roll, but that’s it on sweets.. refuse to eat French fires.. will eat only chicken, no red meats.. (and it doesn;t matter what we put on the table, the rest of the family eats everything, but he’s afraid it will slow him down) He always requests broccoli or cauliflower as the vegetable, prefers rice over mashed potatoes.. His only ‘weakness’ is ice cream.. And he’s an average travel goalie.. In Hockey, the teams always stress the foods that fuel success.. the same when he attends goalie camps over the summer.. 2-hours of class room instruction per day for a week long camp and usually half that is nutrition..

So am I surprised at the size of some of the kids.. Not really.. And since the Almonte debacle several years ago, Little League is much more stringent on birth certificate verifications..

as a little league coach I find that question ridiculous. Of course they are not. The technology of the baseball bat has gotten incredible. The good bats are 1- 2 hundred dollars and they do make a difference. The kids are getting stronger and bigger, yes. It has a lot to do with conditioning and technology.

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN MIND!!! how can u sit there and they that little leaguers are juicing?? its a big difference because its the food they eat and you know what kids are getting progressively bigger just like athletes in high school and college…get over your self and quit asking dumb questions

Sure they are juicing….Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice, tomato juice, yadda yadda.

Little Leage would never resort to juicing for an unfair advantage. They’ll continue to cheat the old fashioned way…just lie about their age by a few years.

Wouldn’t put it past some people. You go to any high schools today and there is someone there using steroids already at that young age.

Well I dont think that kids are taking performance enhancing drugs. There might be a rare kid that does but I doubt it. When you think about it baseball players are going to get better and better. More tips and more people are raised by pros. I think that most kids arent taking p.e.ds

u might hav a point ther, remeber the 6’3 12 yr old from saudi arabia he must have been on some growth hormone

yea some of them even have beards! but some of thm are just natrally big like aaron durley from saudi arabia. he wa 6’8 and 230 pounds!

you know they are

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