[For Guys] Hey, Do you guys think a nosey girl is annoying?

I just wanna know if you guys think that a Nosey Girlfriend is annoying?? Like someone who wants to know everything about you but then doesnt know that they’re too into your business. or like what if she asks about your past ex gf’s and your relationship and how that went?? would that be annoying??

My girlfriend is kinda Nosey but im not too bothered about it, she asks me if she can see my phone to read my texts and im i go out with my mates she wants to know what i did and who i went with, things like that. im not too fussed about it cause i love her to bits and shes more interested in my life than i am! we pretty much know each others history and she does like to talk about herself as well, 🙂



hahaha are you saying your nosey? lol no.. no at all you know no bodys going to say yes right? who the hell likes a nosey girl? yes!!..YES!! there very annoying

yes, very.

find a way to share something about your past life experiences or relationships, then invite him to share his but ask a general non-specific question, and if he doesn’t share more into detail take it that he doesn’t want you to know for the time being, or at all.

i might wait until she gets back from united states of america of america until now commencing a relationship together with her, through distance. you certainly shouldn’t tell her relating to the photos as not in basic terms will she be embarrassed by utilising understanding you have seen them yet she might lose lots of the have faith she might have for you, which isn’t something you prefer to ensue until now the relationship even starts.

im a girl but all my best mates are guys so i know what im talking about, and yeah there proper annoying, and its a huge turn off. guys dont want girls sending them constant texts asking where they are etc. dont try and control them.

It’s not annoying. Shes just asking you a question. It’s not her fault. be polite about it.

Yes very annoying! They should mind their own bee’s wax!

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