How can i discipline my 4 year old out of control son?

My son is 4 and a half years old. We have been having major issues with him for over a year. He will not listen to anything we say, trashes his rom and the entire huse, breaks things, tells us he hates us and i just cant take it anymore. He has been potty trained since he was two and now he keeps going in his…

have him evaluated by a neuropsychologist…unless your doctor is one, he can’t know if there is anything wrong with him neurologically…it sounds to me like your son has ADHD.

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So you have the four year old that challenges the things that you say. And perhaps throughout the challenging refuse to accept the answer no. No, question four year olds can be stubborn, autonomous, high energy, equipped with attitude and a great deal to say.

If you are like me this can be a tough and trying time in child development. Mainly because there is still the temper tantrum, the most scary and somewhat disabling action that I have had to encounter.

A child’s temper tantrum could be compared to a tornado in its shear energy. The kicking and swirling of limbs accompanied by the screaming and the excretion of tears and other bodily fluids.

Sounds terrible right? There honestly have been times when I questioned my ability to parent effectively. this is the most difficult aspect of being a parent in my opinion. The doubt you feel.

Instead of giving up, because most parents really do want the best for their children, I decided to learn more.

I looked into questions like what motivates my child’s behavior? There are a lot of resources out there, believe me, but not very many that I had a good feeling about.

As a counsellor you need to trust your gut instinct at times, and that is what I did. I began looking into the science of Child Development and what it had to say. the information gathered there was quite beneficial and seemed to be filled with interesting techniques in discipline for four year olds.

I challenge you to look into this further especially if you have a child that can be problematic. There are answers out available

For Step By Step program on how to get your child to listen with punishment or rewards click the link here :

Adam Rock response was a very good one! double thumbs up for him. I have a 5yr old that was starting to get out of control. I started reading a book on how to discipline with dignity one of my good friends is a grade school teacher and this book was requires in one of her college classes. I’ve learned better ways of talking to my son and asking him what’s wrong when he starts showing signs that he is frustrated It’s really working and he is doing very well. I only wish I would have read this book a long time ago. Good Luck!

First off I would try a behavior specialist to make sure that he doesn’t have a behavioral disorder. You could try getting him into a counselor and see if that helps, maybe they would be able to give you some insight.
I have had really good luck with a method called 1.2.3-timeouts You could check and see if your local library has any of this material. Best of luck!

Give him a book (even if he can’t read) and lock him in a room for 2 hours

There is this whole thing called “spanking”. when all else fails, get physical.

Not the nicest motto, especially when applied to children, but it works.

It’s america, hit him

Please consult a doctor and see if he has a problem that requires medication.


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