How is it that housing costs are so expensive, food costs are rising, gas prices? But our wages don’t?

Do you find it hard to survive when all costs are rising, but our pay scales are not representative of those costs?

NO, because I live with in my means. I don’t need any of the designer, name brand items the are on today’s shelves. What kills me is the people that complain of high gas prices but still buy bottled water or expensive shoes.

Two reasons:

One: Increased expenses, whether the result of natural disasters or corporate greed or what, are always passed
down to the consumer. Employers either won’t or can’t
afford to increase wages to equal increased expenses.

Two: As long as the American consumer is willing to
pay ridiculous prices for outlandish homes they can
neither afford or need….As long as the consumer cannot
have a car over two or three years old…As long as the
consumer continues to insist on buying the unnecessary things of life, regardless of price, why would one expect
prices not to continue to rise.

as far as Europe is in contact i do no longer think of people ***** because of the fact the gas is taxed so the fee is plenty bigger yet that tax is going to public well being care, social protection etc, no longer purely to the CEO’s of gas agencies. I lived in eire for 5 years and would desire to work out the place my taxes went when I went to the scientific professional or the dentist. i’m no longer as particular with reference to the individuals interior the Philippines. additionally in us of a of america the charges went up so quickly . or perhaps American’s only prefer to ***** greater, lol.

That’s between you and your employer. Sounds like you need a new and better paying job.

welcome to global competition.

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