I want to buy a Crown Vic in MA.?

Hi I’m 16 yrs old and planning on buying a crown vic for my first car (when I get older obviously). I’m in MA, and I’m in top 10% of my class, so I’ll prob have a pretty good job. How much will it cost me? And do they sell them in MA?

Insurance may be a bit nicer for you, with good student discounts. The car itself shouldn’t have very high insurance costs. It will probably cost $5000 or less. Technically, they don’t sell them anywhere, since the car is out of production. You’ll need to find one used. I’m sure there are a great many of them.

for one element, in case you reside to tell the story MA and it can not bypass emission on your state then that motor vehicle is valueless to you, on account which you may bypass emissions. yet once you wanted to restoration the emission situation, then take it to get an estimate earlier determining to purchase it to confirm no count if this is extremely worth it.

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