If Israel refuses two state solution ?

How can be peace between Israel and Palestine ? people do not want to see any death, especially children

I do not understand your syntax but I will give my response anyway.

This problem is a hot button issue as you can see by the highly charged responses. Your emotional reaction depends on how religious you are in either religion. I personally don’t believe Israel wants a Muslim state next door with twice as many Muslims as Jews are in Israel. Palestine would never be allowed to arm itself, and so far Israel won’t agree to the right of return. The cement barrier has been built on some of the future Palestinian state. Now I know where the U.S. got the idea to divide the Sunni and Shia neighborhoods during the surge.

The official policy Israel expounds inside the U.S. for the benefit of American Jews and evangelicals is that only the Palestinians are to blame for no agreement. I used to believe the Israeli propaganda that after the Clinton meeting, Arafat walked out and was never satisfied with any offers. I know the facts now. I hate to think “conspiracy” but one day Arafat was mentally sound, then he wasn’t, then he was spirited out of the West Bank to Paris, then he was dead. I wonder if the CIA had a hand in this one.

But Israeli politics has become more hard-line on the right. Netanyahu agreed to stop building settlements in 9 months but he did not agree to discontinue the ones in progress and you better believe the construction crews are going at it like gangbusters. The Orthodox Jews keep building “illegal” outposts and there is a pretense by the Israeli government of removing them. All of this happening on Palestinian land.

Even when Sharon officially withdrew the Israeli soldiers and residents from the Gaza strip, the checkpoints did not disappear. Now Gaza has been blockaded by land and by sea for 2 years. Even the UN is having a hard time getting in and out. Netanyahu stated if he cannot keep building those settlements on the border areas, he will annex another part of the West Bank.

The Fatah party gets money to not make waves, so that leaves Hamas to fight for their rights. In the West, Hamas is considered to be terrorist, but are they really freedom fighters, and it is reported in the West that they are always to blame for rocket attacks. What is not reported is that Israel has done something to screw them around again.

I agree that there should be one country whether you call it Israel or Palestine, and two provinces one for Muslims one for Jews. There are Arabs living in Israel. If you don’t have one country, then you must make a deal for the Palestinians to go to Jordan because the way it is now is inhumane.

What exactly does Israel have to do, with the Palestinians declaring statehood ?

The Palestinians could have declared statehood at any time since 1948,

Nothing has prevented them from doing so.

Having israeli’s in the west bank does not prevent them from doing so.

Plus, israel had no forces in either the westbnank or gaza from 1948 to 1967.

So what stopped the palestinians from declaring statehood then ?

Israel is not opposed to the 2 state solution. In fact, Ehud Olmert offered exactly this to Yasser Arafat and Arafat turned it down.

The palestinian people might want peace, but their leaders do not.

Since when has Israel been against the two state solution? Where on earth have you been for the past 20 years????

I’ts Palestine that is against the two state solution.

Well Gaza was created and within a few years, they started lobbing rockets into Israel. What exactly is in it for Israel to keep negotiating?

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