In the battle of Armageddon™, will the Christians here be using swords to kill the non believers?

Revelations is pretty descriptive about the final battle, (you Christians should read it sometime). It claims that the believers will participate in the slaying of the non believers.

This Sunday, what will go through your mind as you look at all the donut filled believers sitting next to you, picturing them…

Why do you assume we have not read the bible?

The question is have you read it and also taken the time to study the translations the writing style and the times that each book was written?

Peace be with you!

As you are going to read and analyze the Revelations, Jesus’ tongue is as sharp as the sharpest sword (just can’t recall the chapter and it’s verse) which is a clear statement that the battle is not about bombs, tanks, guns, nor swords..we are being literal in meaning..

the SWORD here means THE WORD OF is a battle of belief as Jesus being the Good Shepherd will reunite His flock and get the rest that has been baptized by the Mark of the Beast..this is the Judgment Day, the battle between good and bad..

i don’t think there is something to worry about as long as we live according to God’s plans for long as we keep His long as we accept Jesus as our Saviour, our long as we wholeheartedly repent for our sins..

try to read the PSALM 23..


Maybe heavenly swords have no weight… so the chubsters can still lift them?

Actually fat Christians will be slaughtered too because they haven’t repented for their sin of gluttony.

The people that will be part of that battle will morel likely be using guns,tanks,bombs and more modern weapons.

no b/c people are given many chances in this life to accept Christ. And God said a final battle of good and evil will happen so it will happen.

I think you read it wrong.

The sight of me yielding a sword would make my cats laugh. Of course I do like filled donuts……..

The battle of Meggido has already been fought

most of those smooth skinned office types wouldnt be able to lift a biblical sword

i like the star wars battles

i guess all the abrahamic religions have the Armageddon right? imagine muslims blowing themselves up with heavenly bombs lol

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