Is 604 wrong claims by Jehovah’s Witnesses enough to keep you from taking them seriously?

Failed prophecies

The Watchtower Society has a long history of making prophecies and then changing them after they proved false. Dozens of references could be quoted and documented, but a few will suffice to prove the point.

For example, the 1920 booklet Millions Now Living Will Never Die, declares,…

One wrong claim is enough – the claim that Jesus is not Divine.

I wish I could point to how wrong it is to put more faith in the words of religious doctrines that are set before Bible students that can read scriptures
and see what is being said by the ones who write it as coming from God himself.

His thoughts and ways are higher than ours, but by means of His Word that has been made flesh
we can come to have those who feel they can so teach us things by having us read between the lines so to speak; and come to a better way of understanding what the Bible is telling us.

But we must remember to put our faith in what we have come to see as God’s Word, and not just those of man who keeps rewriting the Bible in a desire for each of us to have it in our own words
language or tongue.

This has been the task of the W’s regarding what they feel they have come to see as the message in the Bible for our day & time. And for the most part it is about the New Kingdom of God that was set up in the heavens in 1914; The sign of which was the 1st World War and the things that have came to be pass after it.

When you compare it to what others have said on this idea, I think they have done a fine job, but not a perfect one, as I am sure we will all agree.

Yours; BG

And considering what other people have done in the name of religion and God I think Jehovah’s People are doing rather well.
Yes some mistakes were made but coming to a better understanding and adjusting beliefs is what makes Jehovah’s Witnesses stand out.
Jehovah’s Witnesses used to celebrate Christmas and smoking was not shunned and the early Watchtowers I believe used to have cross shaped crucifixes on the front cover. All of these things are no longer tolerated as these do not belong to and in pure worship of God.

I am sure the Catholics and other protestant churches would hate to continually have their dirty linen aired. Fact is for Jehovah’s Witnesses is having at first incorrect understanding then coming to a better understanding of God’s inspired word and changing straight away beliefs and practices is what makes Jehovah’s Witnesses so unique. They will not just continue accepting a falsehood because it would be observing and keeping up with tradition to do so.

It is easy to make a long list of complaints about a christian heeding organisation but really what is your felt motive?
Is it to show simply the past errors for educational purposes or more likely a stage to vent your vendettas.

Yes the society has mad mistakes, it is made up of imperfect humans such as literally all of those in the Bible were except Christ. But since Jehovah’s Witnesses hold touchstones of truth and they reject any contamination where they should find it even if it is within their own organisation shows the willingness and zeal of the people who aspire to do as Jehovah commanded his true followers to preach the good news of the kingdom as Jesus Christ demonstrated. To be no part of this world and abstaining from adulterous and idolatorous worship. To love one another and most importantly of all to sanctify God’s NAME Jehovah !!!

Nothing you have put in your question will take those achievements of true worship, love, dedication, sacrifice and honour away from Jehovah’s Witnesses who have devoted and proven faithful to their best to their One and True God even as far as their lives.

People are coming to accurate truths and knowledge of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the great crowd of true loyal worshippers are growing more and mroe rapidly.
People have seen the hypocrisy of religions and the bloodshedding they do in the name of God. People want answers to what is the kingdom of God? Why does God permit suffering? What happens when people die? What are the signs that we are living in the last days? What will happen to Satan and his demons? What is the resurrection? Who are the great crowd?
These questions and more are answered by Jehovah’s Witnesses not through their own doctrines and creeds but directly from the Bible. Millions are now having their eyes opened for the first time truths that tear down the blindfolds of babylonish doctrines that religious leaders keep preaching.

it’s the bible itself, and christianity that keeps me from reentering the church. I used to be a christian, now i am a humanist and deistic believer. everyone is god’s children, even you. it does not matter what god’s name is because noone really knows god’s name. the voices in a man’s head gave god a name. the JWs are at least more honest than most denominations. they show notes in their translation that prove portions of the bible have been added to or subtracted from. Even other texts have been shown to have been added to since 1150CE. so, just how can YOU say someone else is not a christian when christianity can not even pass its own tests?

wow thats a lot failed prophecies. watch, if Im lucky enough it will end again in 2012 and it will probably end at least one more time before I die after that. heck assuming nobody in my home dies before 2012, my parents will have experienced three ends of the earth in their lifetimes!

who knows though, maybe if they start by predicting 6 o’clock at 5:30 and gradually work their way up to predicting getting burned when touching a flame, theyll predict the end of the earth several more times before it actually happens.

Regardless of any perceived inconsistencies, the Jehovah’s Witnesses do not participate in wars and have strict morals which help keep both them and others in society safe. Surely, if you do not believe in their beliefs you must respect their moral stance and concern for others? If everyone had their fundamental morals there would be no crime or violence, far fewer poorly behaved children, no sexually transmitted diseases and better family lives with partners taking their marriage vows seriously and taking a lot of time and effort to create a happy and stable environment for thei children.
Surely this is what we are craving for in todays downward spiralling society?

To “Stuper Boy Verp” YOU COWARD PIECE OF SH*T ! You have the audacity to criticize another and question her faith ? You must know the harm you are doing and how “Christian ” is that? Even Jesus got angry and used unpleasant language, Who are you to judge you chicken SH*T little punk you wont even allow E-mails Why? Why not ? Remove the block or send me your email, Oh, ya the ?, ………. One wrong prophesy or 1000, A false profit or any profit is “found to be detestable to me” Said Jesus,,,,

You (REALLY) Haven’t “EVER” Told Me (ANYTHING) that I didn’t (ALREADY) Know ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For Xample “Remember” the Comment that I made about how WMartin made the Comment “One of JW’s will run CIRCLES around a Christian”

Now how did I KNOW THAT???

I’ve BEEN WHERE You Are (RIGHT NOW) ; And I Assure You that I Don’t EVER Want 2 Go Through what YOU’RE “Going THROUGH” (RIGHT NOW) “Again” ! ! !

Now if I ALREADY Know “Everything” that you’ve ALREADY said OR Will EVER Say ; And I continue 2 Be a Faithful “TRUE” Christian then why do YOU “Keep Beating” your DRUM???

p.s COULDn’t YOU of AT LEAST COMe up with a MORE Realistic Number “like Maybe” 666 ! ! !

And “in” Case YOU DIDn’t KNOW IT; a 604 is a TorqueFlite Transmission that CAME OUT IN the EARLY 60’s

Dear Unsilenced Lamb,

Actually one wrong claim is enough.

Counterfeit never becomes real by adding a big more ink here and erasing a bit there.

Thank you for quantifying it however.

For His glory,

my friend, has it ever occurred to you that you are “preaching to the choir”? jw’s will not change their madness because of words they see on the internet. unfortunately, it takes something real, like a loved one dying because of no blood, or their monstrous family units dissolving into pools of psychotic episodes for them to realize that their religion is “not truth”

Good thing you are not God. Jehovah God is a merciful God.

Psalms 130:3 states – If errors were what you watch, O Jah,
O Jehovah, who could stand?

If every sin and error of each religion will be counted, just wondering how many are there in each one. Have you counted the errors of each religion? If you only count the errors of JWs, then you are being biased.

Or should we imitate Jehovah who does not count the errors of humans? I would rather do that.

I think it is good that JWs corrected those errors, that shows that they are humble eventhough they make mistakes.

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