Is andrew lloyd webber big ?

Female friend reckons hes popular with the ladies not just because of his money ( I met him a few times and certainly not a looker) but because hes got a big *****

Depending on answers I wish to make a point to her,thanks.

Yes I also heard that he has been blessed with a big organ.

Never had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Brightman! Now; Mick Jagger? Definitely.

I disagree – I think it’s all about the money. Think rod Stewart, Mick jagger, Bernie Ecclestone et al. Doubt very much any of these would be pulling the ladies without millions in the bank. Without their cash they’d be poor wrinkly pensioners

Well apparently that is what Sarah Brightman said and she was married to him!

He certainly is a person of interest not just to woman but I gather also to men. He`s the MAN to know if you want to be in one of his Musicals. At least, that`s what prospective “Broadway actors and actresses” want to believe. In the Theatre world or in New York, Knowing him or saying you know him seems to be like saying you know Steven Speilberg in Hollywood.

Because he has made some of the biggest musicals ever so is rich and successful. He might be a nice person too.

Having not seen the size of his c0ck, I would not know, but I could not [email protected] him as I would still have to look at his face, and as you rightly say, he ain’t a looker!
Sorry, have to disagree with your mate……… is the size of his wallet, why else would you want to go there…….me? I would not even go there for that!
I mean LOOK at him……….he is fecking gormless!

sarah brightman said he is but then we don’t know what she’s comparing it to!

according to sarah brightman (his ex missus) she says its huge and she should know!

I heard a rumour years ago that he had a big ****. I guess it’s something we will never know the real answer to!

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