Is my radiator working? plz help?

I have a 96 acura integra gsr with a 2000 honda civic si vtec engine. i just bought the car and noticed that the radiator fan doesnt spin when i had the car turned on. is it supposed to spin all the time? or just sometimes?

There should be two fans one is for your heater, as soon as you turn your heater on one of the fans will start working. the other one would not turn on until the temperature sensor detects the temparature to high. now is your car overheating? check your gauge to see the temparature of your car normal temperature should read about above mid point to just below mid point.

You fan is controlled by a thermostatic switch. Once the radiator gets hot enough, it will turn on, and then turn off when it cools down. It’s not supposed to run all the time.

Hi It should come on when sitting in traffic but so much going down the road. I just needs air flow to keep the engine cool.

sometimes..when engine temperature reaches to certain degree or a/c is on

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