Muslims, how do you justify your Islam?

I seen a 7 year old girl have her head chopped off in Some asian country because of islamic rule, women oppressed and some even executed because their tired of oppression, christians executed by muslims for being christians, gay men hanged in Iran because they were an abomimation to Islam, guys being beheaded why a…

Hmm, i’m muslim but i strongly condone these types of actions. But how dare you make me try to answer for the crimes of these men… I DIDNT DO IT! I’m only a 14 year old teenager looking forward to a future (wife, And you don’t know anything… my family has been muslims since islam’s inception, we aren’t stupid people either. half my family is full of doctors and all are very good muslims. I dont go up to a christain or catholic and go “WTF DUDE CAN YOU TELL ME WHY THOSE SOLDIERS DID THIS???!!!”

Excuse me ,
I’ve read your question but permit me to say something : First I’m Muslim and I agree with you that There are a lot of violence in Muslim countries But , Sorry I think it could be better if we say Some Muslim countries or Some Extremists as any religion must have people that don’t apply its teaching correctly . our God said :“O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you.”
He didn’t say O Muslims , O believers .
About Christians treatment or any religious people , The prophet ( pbuh ) said : ” not the injustice of a confederate or disparage or tabbed overworked or taking something from him without willingly I Hgejeh ( adversary ) on the day of Resurrection.”
I apologize for verbosity but I just wanna say my opinion .
Thanks . God bless you .

No as they’re imitating Mohammad. @ caitlin : are you asserting that your prophet became no longer a muslim. If NO then your submit stands as FAIL. You Muslims kill simply by fact your e book says to kill and supply eternal rewards in case you kill non muslims. You muslims killed 14 million people on my own throughout the holocaust yet why will you point out that? why will you point out that Hitler became a muslim? the international would be lots non violent with out terrorists and terrorist defenders. You muslims have been killing people incredible from the inception of islam and are nonetheless doing so. @ benjamin and turtle: You Muslims have the perception that as of now, the international is a house of war Dar al-Harb & till at last it accepts Islam it is going to proceed to be so. thus, the activity of each and every Muslim is to instruct this “domicile of war” to a “domicile of peace” Dar as-Salam. Now how do they gain it? The Quran supplies them with a answer. i.e kill non Muslims in the event that they do no longer desire Islam. “Muhammad mentioned, ‘you’re commanded to accomplish jihad against the unbelieving infidels till they positioned as much as Islam’ ” (Qur’an 40 seven:4) Qur’an (8:12) & 107 different verses interior the Quran echo the comparable message of Jihad. Muslims are additionally given the insurance that in the event that they kill non Muslims they gets eternal rewards. Quran (9.111): Allah hath offered of the believers their persons and their products; for theirs (in return) is the backyard (of Paradise): they try IN HIS reason, AND SLAY AND ARE SLAIN: a promise binding on Him in certainty, throughout the regulation, the Gospel, and the Qur’an: and who’s extra honest to his covenant than Allah? then rejoice interior the coolest deal which ye have concluded: that’s the fulfillment splendid. Verses like Qur’an (4:seventy 4) & many others communicate of eternal rewards. So rather Muslims do no longer care whether they die whilst doing their Jihad simply by fact Allah has promised an eternal reward for them. Muslims that stick to Islam are very honest in the direction of their faith & they suspect that despite is there interior the Quran is for actual. that’s the adaptation between you muslims and the different faith. The Jewish terrorists flow against the instructions of their faith yet you muslims flow in step with it once you will do it. you’re rather appearing out what the quran teaches and how Mohammad behaved.

Muslim- Allah is the one true God because a book told me so (Circular Reasoning Fallacy.)
Allah’s morality is superior to that of humans. (Circular Reasoning Fallacy)

Allah or be stoned (Appeal to Force Fallacy)
It’s all just propaganda (Genetic Fallacy)
It has nothing to do with Islam (Ignoring a common cause Fallacy)
You’re just generalizing (Genetic Fallacy)
A religion is judged by its scriptures, not by its followers ( Yup, apostasy, nuff said)

I don’t thank a true muslim can answer that in good faith because they are blinded to truth in Jesus Christ. Both the Koran and the Islamic faith fall short of Gods glory and truths. Mohammed with out question a false prophet.

Watching Fox News too much? They have a special department to do graphics.

That has nothing to do with Islam………if they are muslim’s then it is only to do with culture and i have seen the same thing from non-muslim’s too!

How do you explain that?

I’m sure you’ve seen all sorts of propaganda but what does any of that have to do with Islam? A religion is judged by its scriptures, not by its followers. Islam is about peace but more so about JUSTICE.

how to generalize 101

Allah or be stoned.

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