New 9 weeks old german shepherd/siberian husky puppy help?

I just bought a puppy yesterday, hes 9 weeks old and hes half german shepherd, half siberian husky. I went to petco, they gave him a bath and everything then i fed him around 730pm and put him to sleep. okay, the thing is im muslim so im not allowed to have a dog inside the house so my plan is to have him play…

“I went to petco, they gave him a bath and everything”
– Until he is fully vaccinated (the process should be finished around sixteen or so weeks of age), avoid public places such as Petco. Until he’s fully protected, avoid public pet stores and any other places where strange dogs may or probably have been. He’s perfectly likely to pick something up — potentially something life-threatening, like parvo — because such public areas are often contaminated thanks to some dog. So for now, only bring him places where you can be confident that strange dogs have not been.

“my plan is to have him play around in the backyard during the day”
– That doesn’t sound like a very good plan to me. Both German Shepherds and Huskies are VERY, VERY intelligent, athletic dogs. That means they need a *HUGE* amount of daily stimulation, both mental and physical. Intelligent, high energy dogs such as these two breeds almost always end up bored and destructive when left to putter around the back yard all day. They need to be seriously worked every single day.
Also, I hope your back yard is *very* well fenced.. Siberian Huskies are notorious escape artists. They will dig under, jump over, climb over or even break through fences.

“he woke up and started crying and howling”
– That’s normal. Put yourself in his paws, so to speak.. He is an infant. He is the equivalent of a two-year-old human toddler. He’s been suddenly taken from everything he knows — it’s like he’s been abducted by aliens. (I’m sure you’re a perfectly nice alien, but you are still an alien to him!) He’s totally scared, lonely and confused.

“along with his litter box and food/water.”
– Out of curiosity, what makes you think he understands what the litter box is for? Since he’s only relieved himself once thus far, I assume he did so outdoors, not in the litter box.. As he’s supposed to use the litter box at night when you aren’t around, how will he learn that that’s what he supposed to do if there’s no one around to reward him when he does, thus encouraging the behavior? Dogs aren’t really like cats.. They don’t really litter-train themselves, you know.

“but if he does wake up again what should i do?”
– Okay, so this is the scenario: he cries, and you go to comfort him. He is learning that in order to get what he wants — attention from you — he only needs to cry and whine because every time he does, you come and that’s what happens. Is this what you want him to learn? Probably not, if you ever want a decent night’s sleep. So, you need to ignore him. He’ll learn that whining is useless because it doesn’t make you come running at his beck and call.

“i think the problem might be that i dont have a crate so hes scared”
– That might be a minor contributing factor, but it’s probably not a big cause. Crates do provide a den-like effect that creates a safe, comfy feeling, but again, he’s a scared, lonely baby. He’d most likely be crying like this regardless of whether or not he’s crated.

“also, he only went poo and pee once today.”
– You brought him to the groomer’s, but have you brought him to the vet? That should have been a priority, so if you haven’t, bring him. The irregular elimination schedule might have been caused by the stress of his new home, but if it continues, he needs to be checked out by a vet. Puppies his age are usually relieving themselves every couple hours!

Good luck.

Why would you get a dog if he isn’t allowed inside your house? That is just plain cruel to the puppy. When he is in the backyard during the day, are you WITH him the majority of the time? I doubt it. Also, why didn’t you get a crate before bringing your dog home? It doesn’t seem like you were really prepared for him. If you think not having a crate is the problem, get one!!!

However, it is normal for puppies to cry and howl at night. There is not much you can do but wait until he gets used to the environment and stops howling. A friend of my had her two kids camp next to their puppies crate at night to keep him company and that actually worked; the puppy slept through the night.

thats normal dude. you have to just not go back into the garage, the puppy will get the idea that you are there, as far as being this your first dog, try house training, make everything a routine as to when you take him out and in so he gets the idea to do business outside, the crate i dont really think you need if he is going to be an outside dog(why have him out and put it a crate????????????) but as far as the mixture since it has some husky, it will need shade and plenty off water. Walking should be done at cooler times. training to it with food it helps out alot, and buy toys for its teeth so when its starts teething it will chew the toys and not your things. hope this helps and gl..

He’s a baby and he cannot be alone; it’s not the temperature that’s the primary issue. Bonding requires presence. He’s going to cry and wail and only your companionship will stop him.

If you can’t have him in the house, return him to his breeder. You can’t raise a puppy to be a pet like this.

If you want a dog go to a shelter and adopt an adult that can handle that kind of solitude.

OFcourse ur dog is scared you got him yesterday hes in a strange place and he is never going to be in the house so you should first make the place he stays in very warm and welcoming you ll need to get used to going in the garage al since hes in a new place and all alone in the garage and is lonesome because hes so young and used to being near his mom hes scared

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