Ok i need a bit of advice in dealing with racism regarding BNP members and their children?

A friend of mine goes to a lovely village school,her father is portuguese and mum is british/italian ,the child is great at 5 she speaks and writes both languages and she is happy and bubbly.
recently during lunch she was teaching a friend how to say good morning in italian and portuguese, and an older child come…

Anyone who supports the BNP in any way at all, has the IQ of a stale cornflake and should be treated as such.
Openly racially abusing people is ilegal and is an arrestable offence and i strongly advise that the Local Education Authority are informed of all of this and the Schools lack of action to curb this behaviour.

A note to YamahaR1.
Gordon Brown did say “British jobs for British people”. What he was reffering to was ANYONE born in this country, regardless of skin colour, religion etc. Not the way you are perceiving it, to mean white people only.

‘Freedom of Speech’ does not apply to schools. There are different regulations within schools, and with that in mind, the school have an obligation to do something about the bullying – even if it means expulsion of the bully. Just as retail outlets have the right to refuse service to anyone, schools have the right to expel anyone they suspect is a bully. I don’t think this political party should be brought into this though – that’s a subject for the politics category. The issue here is bullying, not specifically racism or politics.

Yes, racism is wrong, but what concerns me is that it is being directed at a 5 year old girl… and she needs help.

No matter where one goes in this world one world there will always be the good, the bad, and the ugly. Take this opportunity to teach her about bullies and bullying. There are several books on the market geared towards children her age. Also, take the time to teach her about her family history… did mom & dad have to deal with bullies. It really doesn’t matter if the kid was BPN

“we since found out the dad of the kid is a BNP member and that the child grew up listening to racist crap all his life.
how unfair is this? what did this little girl did to deserve this? and how can society legally Support this BNP people?”

This is why your question was wrong. In these sentences you are being cruel yourself. You are passing judgement on a group as a whole and not directing it towards the parents of that one child.

I live in scotland and i have fairly dark skin although i am scottish i have suffered racist remarks at school, work and college. People can be so cruel and the school should be doing more to help out with the situation. I hate people who let people away with such things.

That is really unfair he shouldn’t be able to get away with that my child is half British and half kurdish and if that was happening to her and nothing was getting done i would remove her from the school and make sure the school gets a bad name for its self that poor little girl how upset she must be

edit:is that all you other people are botherd about not the fact that a little girl is been racialy abused here

This question bares no relation to the BNP, by virtue of the fact that the children in question are so young…i don’t believe they would understand the concepts of the BNP at that age. This is just mere playground bullying and should stop within the playground without you bringing in a tirade of abuse against the BNP. Whilst on the subject of racism, has it occurred to you that the ethnic minority abuse the white british public on a regular basis, and get away with it…where is the justice in that for us brits in our own country. Your question about racism against another child has been blown out of all proportion, and is playground talk and you are making a meal out of nothing. By the time you have written this tirade these young children have moved on to their next subject of interest.

Please.. any white British person could come out with these remarks. BNP, Labour or the Con jobs. Remember Gordon Brown, “British jobs for British people” i couldn’t agree more. But but on the grand scale of things not the wisest of remarks and he wasn’t BNP.

Edit : Robin your remarks show just how narrow minded the police force has become in the UK.

I think this is a case of racism but your accusation is also an illegal slur on the BNP. This is individual racism not BNP policy. I am not a BNP member but this type of dishonest slur does not help British politics.

What do you do when a Conservative or Labour member makes racist comments, do you also say that the Conservative and Labour parties are “racist”?. I am a UKIP member, are we also “racist”?, please note if you say we are you make an illegal comment in this country

Well said Stevey, Ello Guv

I’ve reported your question to Yahoo under their community guidelines, you are making unsubstantiated claims against a legitimate democratic political party. If you have a problem with one person then you should take it up with that person.

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