Pisces sun, Scorpio moon, Cancer rising?

Can I please get your own interpretation on this instead of a websites? I would like to see your view on how my signs interact with each other. Mostly between my Sun, Moon and Rising I guess.

Here is a little about my chart:

Sun – Pisces
Moon – Scorpio
Rising – Cancer
Mercury – Pisces
Pluto -…

Sweet gentle kind and sexy as hell! very tactful and nurturing with super sensitivity and ultra intuitive. you can smell bs miles away but you also know who is sincere and worth getting to know. you know how to communicate and get what you want with kindness rather aggression or force. you are always and i mean always transforming your inner being. knowing yourself in what you do day in and day out. you have no time for flighty light relationships. you like them all deep and meaningful and PASSIONATE

scorpio sun and moon 🙂

you’re really watery, and it’s kinda making me thirsty.

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