Teens: anything interesting happened to you today?

Well for me my friend Kacy skipped class to go to the nurse and the substitute teacher got worried about her, and she got in trouble for being gone too long. Also my friend Carlos and I talked and I haven’t talked to him in forever! Weird thing is I didn’t even see my boyfriend the whole day at school….

We had an angry black sub in algebra who almost took up my phone, I tried out for a play but im certain I didn’t get a part because I read once and the character I was reading for had 3 lines. So yeah. life goes on, but Im really excited for next year just so I can take musical theatre.

BQ: Two Door Cinema Club
BQ: I like food

Quality job, lol. And no, nothing interesting happened in these days. I forgot to grab the trade ($13.00) on the self checkout thing on the grocery store so my mom bought beautiful pissed, however that’s about it. XD BQ: Nope. I don’t quite wish to go to the films unless I must, as a result of what occurred with the shootings in Colorado. I do not must except The Perks of Being a Wallflower comes out in September, so that is when i’ll go see my next film.

We got our schedules for this up coming semester (because everyone lost the ones we got in the beggining of the school year) and i have two classes with my best friend! It’s math and gym… Those are my worst classes (gym because i’m too lazy to do anything and i am bad at sports) and math because i suck at math. Anyways we were saying how we are probably going to fail gym because we are both really lazy and both suck at sports and stuff. and i said something which my best friend thought was hilarious so she laughed for the longest time in the hallway and then she started walking and she bumped into someone (because she was still laughing) and he got all mad at her and was yelling at her lol. funnier stuff happened but you probably don’t care :P.

BQ: Pink Floyd
BQ: Taco’s

I have to wear a back brace again. I had detention. Me and my boyfriend got assianged partners for a social studies project. He kissed me in the hallway.
I had a very boring day
BQ: Christina Aguilera
BQ: chicken cutlets! Or chicken biconti!

Well I stayed home sick today and found an awesome cover of Rihanna’s Disturbia. I love it.
BQ- Fall Out Boy & Panic! At The Disco. <3
BQ- Tuna Fish. 😀 I’m a weirdo.

My day wasn’t as crazy as my days normally are. But I did have a good nap this afternoon.

I don’t really have a favorite band or singer.

I love chicken parmesan 🙂

lol yes. It was quite the amusing day.
Faveroite band: Billy Talent
Faveroite food: POUTINE ALL THE WAY


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