Thinking of joining the British army? Parents advice ? ?

Im a 21year old Irishman and almost finished my university degree in finance + economics and since the economy is bad and jobs are limited ive decided to join the british army for 4 years ( min service ). Ive wanted to do this since i was a kid but im a bit worried how my parents are going to react, the royal irish…

Ok I am a wife of an American Infantryman who is a 2 time Iraq vet so I’ve seen kids younger than you join and lie and say they stay on the FOB all the time but were really front line.
My advice is that you are not a child your an adult. Tell them this is your decision for your life and career. They can choose to support you or not and 99% chance they will support you once it sinks in. Don’t lie to them. It’s very scary knowing your loved one is in harms way but they need to know the truth in case something happens.
Tell them what you said on here. You’ve wanted this since you were a kid.
I’m sure with the British it’s the same as here. It’s a good lifestyle and deployments aren’t an all time thing, just part of the job.

Look at what you’ve said:
the economy is bad and jobs are limited ive decided to join the british army for 4 years ( min service ). Ive wanted to do this since i was a kid
It was a childhood dream (fair enough) but dreams are not always filled in with realities.
Ask yourself if an economic downturn is really the right motivation for a vocation such as this.
I’d be more upset if I found out I’d been lied to than someone had the courage and believed in what they were doing to come to me and tell me.

Hi Hun,

Good on you for wanting to make positive steps towards a career! I always wanted to join up but I fell pregnant so this was not really an option for me. If its what you want to do then go for it, its your life and as you say, you are a grown up. The key is to talk to them, you wont know how they will react unless you try. Be honest with them and tell them its what you have always wanted to do.

Lying to your parents is not the way ahead, chances are they know its a front line unit, and if not, what if they look into it? The best thing to do is sit them down and tell them how you feel. Do some research into it so you know what your talking about. At the end of the day, most people join up to see some front line action and serve their country.

As for Australia, if you don’t want to go, you don’t have to, your over 18! When you join up you get 3 meals a day a wage and accommodation so they wouldn’t need to worry about you not managing to survive.

I can answer as a parent as my child is only 1 but, My 16 year old brother is enlisting, My Dad is currently serving his 26th year in the army and I work for the army as a civil servant ( maybe Im slightly biased?! Lol).

Hope this has helped you?

I don’t have kids but I would never want a child of mine joining the army but if it’s something your serious about you need to be honest with your parents its for the best. Telling them your working behind a desk when your not will only make matters worse if anything happened to you, then they will feel disappointed with you and you will loose their trust. Have you thought about joining the army but doing something that is less dangerous? You should talk to your parents and tell them your plans and maybe you could come up with a compromise. Be honest though and tell them your serious, they’re your parents they’re not going to hate you for your decision but they might not share your enthusiasm it sounds dangerous and no mother likes the idea of their son getting hurt or even possibly loosing thier life. Think about it carefully and good luck!

Honestly, don’t risk your life. I was in the US Navy and thought oh it will be fun but it’s not. It is just not. All you’re going to want to do is go back to your boring old life and try to get a job doing anything, anywhere, doing anything but being in the military. WHy not just break the law and spend four years in jail, they’ll feed you there too. That’s literally what it feels like. You give up your freedoms “for your country.” it sounds romantic but you really should think about that first part. Why why why why why ? You have a degree, you don’t belong in the military. AT ALL

I’m the mother of a 16 year old who is joining the you ha has always wanted to do it. I am worried for him and dont like to think about it too much. However, I HAVE to support him, it all he has ever wanted to do, who am I to tell him anything other than I love him and will continue to do that forever…despite my feelings.
My advice to you is to be strong and be sure this is what you want, if they love you and I’m sure they do, even if they are disappointed they will get to the position they will need to accept it. Good Luck!

you have a degree so go in as an officer and you can pick who you want to serve with so tell them you are going logistics and will be based in the UK all the time

then pick what you fancy from there

when i joined the first my parents knew was when i asked for a lift to the train station but like they said its my choice and they will not interfear but when i went to the gulf they never watched tv news or read a paper

How would you explain to your parents you were injured whilst at your “safe office desk”? Not saying you would be injured but that would take some explaining!

My son intended to go in the army for years. I just had to accept it. It was his life and his decision. Luckily however, he had a change of heart.

Be honest with them. You will need their support if you do go in.

Don’t lie, tell your parents the truth. You are 21, an adult. You have to find your own way in life and make your own decisions. They may not like it, but they will respect your resolve.

My son was a physician in Iraq and was in harm’s way. I was very nervous about his situation, but I was proud of him.

You need to be 100% honest with your parents – if you did see combat and were (god forbid) killed in action, your parents would be in absolute agony that you’d felt that you had to lie to them, and that you’d never been able to be honest with them.
Speak to them, you’re an adult and can choose your own path, even if your parents aren’t happy with your decision. But for Gods sake be honest with them.
Good luck. L x

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