Who Are You A “Closet” Fan Of?

I will shamefully admit, I like Soulja Boy. His songs to me are catchy and his beats are cool. Woah, that was a big load off my chest.

The truth shall set you free. Who are you a closet fan of?? It will make you feel better if you just admit it.

LOL this is by far the funniest question ive ever read…..who do i like?? you kno what i swore i would tell no-one of this… memphis bleek….i bought his album!! oh yeah i said it….if i get any hate mail behind this imma kick ya @zz!

*no pun intended

I admit. I like Soulja Boy ONLY in club settings. I would NEVER ever, ever, by his album, but when is songs come on in the club I do the dances. Sorry if I let anybody down.

Oh! I like T-pain too. I’m just gonna let it all out.

I am a closet 50 cent fan, i will shamefully admit that I own all his albums, but to be honest Get rich or die tryin was hot, so was power of the dollar. but i also own Curtis and The Massacre which were erm……… not so good.
alot of people hate him, but he is all right, granted hes not the best rapper in the world, in fact hes no where near. but i do still like to throw on a bit of fiddy every now and again.

I’m a closet fan of a few songs that come on the radio that I will only listen to if I’m alone…

Sexy Can I – Ray J
Take You There – Sean Kingston
Paralyzer – Finger Eleven
Clumsy – Fergie…damn her for ruining the Black Eyed Peas
Rehab song – Amy Winehouse

i can’t believe i’m tellin this, but plies. i know he garbage, but his sex songs turn me on. (I shouldn’t have told that. LOL)

and i’m really ashamed, but soulja boy’s songs are catchy. i only like report card, Yahh!, and the intro to his cd. but i didn’t buy the cd, my brother did. but he’ll be old news soon, so i’m not worried.

hahaha…… i too like soulja boy in a club setting. i think that music can have different purposes in different places. it doesn’t all have to be deep and have meaning. it can just be plain stupid fun. and ain’t nothing wrong with that.

ps. i also like mims. now i am free.

mr. fatbuoy, stop ranting. u didn’t even answer the question. shut up. anyway…

I’d have to say my *dirrrty little secret is Chingy. He’s always got a catchy little bounce to his flow and his songs. But yeah, don’t tell. haha

*pun intended

i love some of soulja boys stuff like report card and ya bi tch, for comical value, and they have tight beats, but i would never buy his album (not that i buy any anyways)

This is really hard for me to say, but I secretly enjoy…..Chris Brown.

Oh man that was rough, but I must face reality. I enjoy that little boy’s singing.

No! Soulja Boy is not hip hop because he doesn’t rap but just dances. He is like lil wayne whereby he is given credit for something which has been pioneered years before. rappers that have tried to be dancing are one hit wonders. and rappers that make music about hoes, money, clothes and guns are no more original than the predictable gangsta rappers that use models in every motherf***ing video!

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