Why do beautiful women usually date unattractive men?

I usually find that most drop dead gorgeous women date men who are average looking, less than average looking, and alot of the time unattractive. I also came to learn that most of those women had very low self-esteem! Is low-self esteem the reason behind this epidemic or is it something else?

Dear Georgian:

As most HOT women mature, they care NOT *about a dudes Looks.

They want to know how much MONEY
we have & what is our Career. Dudes
can be ugly, but if he has MONEY~

One of the biggest Myths of Hotties?
Myth: They are Secure with their looks!

Most ALL of them are So F’in Insecure!
Most all of them have Low- Self Esteem.

One would think it would the opposite.

Then there are all these “Fuglies”.
(Fat & Ugly Women)
The Media makes them think that they
are so Proud to be FAT! They are Secure,
being FAT & Ugly! High Self-Esteem.

So …….
It’s GOOD for us Dudes!
The Hotties are Insecure & have LOW
Self Esteem. I’m kewl with that!

Let the Fuglies live their Fantasy lives~
thinking about how happy they are
to be so FAT & Ugly!

Does this make sense to you?
This “epidemic” has been going on
for a long time!

It’s called:

Money is a Chick Magnet~
for older mature women!

That’s the HONEST TRUTH!

Maybe some of your *assumptions* are incorrect. Maybe the man is just in charge of the money, maybe the woman can cook, and maybe, just maybe, she didn’t get all dressed up just for you! Say your assumptions are correct – well, he just got unlucky, didn’t he? So many, many fairly attractive men are just weighed down by women who look oompa loompas, right. How can you judge a man the way a woman would? You can’t. I might look at these couples and think “average man, average woman – no big deal.” You seem very, very particular about women and their appearance. And you sound like a much darker version of someone else on this board. Hmmmm

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That could be one reason but there are several other reasons behind this issue as well…..The reasons are beyond me but I assume that many probably date these guys because they tend to show the most concern or it makes the female feel more dominant in the relationship or with having saying that, maybe the guy lets the girl get away with any and everything. The guy probably gives her whatever it is that she wants

There r many reasons why this can b… if the girl has a low self- esteem then maybe she needs 2 no that there a nice ppl that aren’t that beautiful or handsom. It also may be that the girl isn’t shallow & she sees who he realy is. most cute guys think that they can b jerks 2everyone cuz they r cute, but unnatractive guys not so much.

beacuse those men tend to be nicer and like them for more than there beautifulness


really HOt men most of the times only date REALLY hot women and thats a turn of so women go fo the nice guys

maybe the ugly guys, are doing something the fine guys arnt. an ugly guy will treat you like a princess and give you the world in the palm of your hand. while a handsome guy is cocky and concieted with his head in the clouds and treat you like theres plenty of you out there..an ugly guy will worship you and a fine guy will treat you like he can always find better…i wonder the same thing about really handsome guys and ugly females. he goes with an ugly female because maybe she doesnt have all that drama and attitude and ********* that he has to deal with for an ugly female is more quiet and reserved and doesnt have her head in the skies..its just less to deal with

well everybody says im gorgeous. but i dont think soo and my boyfriend to be honest isnt the hottest guys around
it cuz hot guys are usally jerks.
and we have low self of stem cuz alot of the other girls are mean and call them ugly

for the most part they see something in that guy that very little ppl see. it can be the way they make them feel, they way they are treated, or just this unique attractiveness that others just cant see.
thats my answer if the girls arent gold diggers.

because they find on whats the inside matters!!!!! and because usually the ugly boys are rich or are good in bed lol

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