Why do commercials always show black people as upper middle class? Isn’t that unrealistic?

I always see tv commercials with clean cut black families, including the presence of a father figure. If they wanted to show realistic blacks wouldn’t they have to go with dad (if even known) in jail and mom of 4+ kids on crack and welfare?

Your right, but media and not just the news but TV shows, movies and so forth are controlled now for the most part by the liberal globalist progressives.

We see movies showing white people as evil and non white people as hero’s.
We see movies praising how great other countries are and how horrible the US has become.
We see movies supporting drug cartels, illegal aliens, mass invasion, and pro unAmerican ideals.
We see TV and commercials highlighting middle class and wealthy hispanics and blacks with hints at the only thing stopping it all is the white man.
We see TV supporting the liberal agenda of pro gay, pro multi-culuralism, female or minority domincance rather then equality.
We see news that ONLY shows the liberal progressive side of things and usually the anti American point of view.
We see news, movies, and TV showing how Bush and Republicans (and Rino’s) are so horrible but a full cover-up for what the dems are doing.

For instance, Obama himself as Senator said NO President should use the US Military for ANY peacekeeping mission and also that the President did NOT have the authority to send the US Military without congress’s consent (exception is if the US was invaded). However now that he’s in control he ordered the Military to Libya to attack Libya without congressional approval when Libya made NO action against the US. He said that about Bush should be an immediate Impeachment and tried for war crimes… yet now he’s done the same thing even worse and the Media won’t touch it as NO democrat will.

So its alright if a Dem does it…. just not if a Repub does it….

Blacks watch the most tv and advertisers know this. They have the highest unemployment of any race and while the rest of America is at work, the black race is not working and watching tv. Go ahead and look it up. It s a fact. The biggest shame of it all is that blacks account, percentage wise, for the most public assistance of anyone – SO, the other races in America are actually paying for blacks to sit home and watch tv. What a non-sensical cycle this is.

I know! And that annoying show House Hunters that is constantly hiring black actors to go around pretending to look for $300,000 houses! Not to mention the PSAs that show white people being poor when we all know that if you’re white you’re rich. Worst of all, I once referred a patient to a black OBGYN, when everybody knows blacks don’t go to medical school! He’s really white, you know, just paints himself black for the benefits.

Yep, just as unrealistic as the pretense you make that a white person in this year can believe all the tripe you post.

Commercials target potential buyers for their products, and if that includes upper middle class black people then you can be sure there are enough of them who can afford to buy those products. Advertisers know demographics better than most politicians.

I’m black, conservative, and didn’t vote for your Obama.

I take it you’ve never seen Marisol on Maury looking for all of the different men who may have fathered her 8 children. To date she’s had more than 25 men tested. And she’s NOT black.

You’re one of those pathetic people that needs to spend a day being black in a racist neighborhood. Maybe then you’d come to understand just how much of an asshole you are.

And yes, I reported you.

If all you know of black people is inner city Harlem, then you have a very narrow understanding of black people.
Get out of the inner city and see the reality of how black people live. You will learn that black people are just as successful as any other race.

Well why do they always portray white people as working men and women? You never see a white guy, butt naked, passed out on his tailor porch, do you? Commercials are not about pushing the product, they are about pushing the idea and image of happiness.

Have you ever been to a rich upper class Black neighborhood in Atlanta GA. Maybe you should go

Not in the industry I work in, why? Pictures on their desks look like college-bound kids and professional spouses.

Not all black families live in the ghetto.
Not all poor white people live in trailers.

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