Why do some American citizens think they won WW11?

I was reading, with interest another question posted recently about American victories/defeats in war.
I will be forever greatfull for the help that the US gave to ourselves during that period. However I cannot understand why some US citizens believe that they were primarily responsible for victory. I find this…

Because Hollywood only makes films about the US forces. No-one else can afford to make blockbusters about the Brits anymore.

I have met people over here who think that D-Day was totally American because of Tom Hanks and Speilberg, when those who have ever read history knows that out of five invasion beaches on the day only two were American, two were British, and one was Canadian.

British paratroopers were also the first boots on the ground that day. Even the anti British war historian Steven Ambrose admits that (read his book Pegasus Bridge).

Try watching US television also. With the exception of Fox news (which is owned by an australian) the networks here never mention that there is anyone else in Iraq or Afghanistan, and a very intelligent guy who works for me was staggered when he came to the UK and realised that we have taken hundreds of fatal casulaties and are involved in the worst fighting over there. He didn’t know.

Just like most people dont know that in Gulf War 2 it was British Marine Commandos who again were the first coalition troops into Iraq with a helicopter assualt on the Al Faw, well before the ground assault started.

People only know what they are told and im afraid this is a very big inward looking country with a very narrow media and a propagandist film industry.

I do agree it was an allied effort and I think we would have taken 5 more years without the Russians. The French were Nazi lovers. Too bad we screwed over Vietnam and gave them to France to start a 30 year war. As for the British, they never gave up and and they held their own country. But you must agree that the push across Europe from France and up Italy was primarily US. What broke Germany was 2 fronts and 2 years of bombing practically everything in the country. The air raids are what won the war. I know Montgomery had the northern route across Europe and that there were SS troops up there, but the land war was a mopping up. the Bombers won the war.

As for Japan, that was 99% US victory.

Side note: defeating the Italians ? thats nothing to crow about mate.

As for what is being taught in US schools; it is probably something like this –

The US tried to take over the world and the US is responsible for all the pain and suffering caused by the war. We bombed and nuked civilians into submission and the great Red Army of Russia is the only thing that stopped the United States from taking over the world and enslaving it with capitalism. (that is what is being taught in our schools today)

So, if you heard some Americans saying we won the war, thats a nice switch. Beware, the next time you need our help, we might be too weak and spineless to help you.

With out the US intervention in world war 2, the UK would have fallen within 6 months
With out British help the US would have lost to the Germans as well, neither county could have won that war alone. Both need each other.

However, Germany would have been eventually defeated by Russia.

As for WW1, the US did not fly in from the heavens and save the world, they only fought in one battle. Their vast numbers scared the Germans but they barely fought. With out the US intervention the war may have gone on for a few more months but it would have ended the same.

The United States supplied tanks, arms, ships, and planes to Britian and Russia. True the British did defeat the German forces in Eypit. However the feeling of Americans winning world war 2 even world war 1 goes back to 1917. The letters AEF, which stands for American Expeditionary Force in world war 1 and Allied Expeditionary Force in world war 2, were often joked as After England Failed.

are you kidding me??
of course we didn’t “win” the war..and I don’t think we believe that..but we sure did a heck of a lot in WW2 to make a Major difference in the world. and yes…we defeated the Nazi’s and helped save many many lives, including saving the lifestyle of people in Germany. and on top of the Many things that we did we protected ourselves after getting bombed in Pearl Harbor..if we didn’t do all that we did things may have been worse for us and the British
and as far as what they are teaching kids in school here in the U.S., yeah we learn a lot of what the United States went through WW2 b/c it was a major event, but we also learn about world history-so we know and appreciate our allies in that war.
so apparently you are in the UK, so in that case you probally know more about what your country did than ours..so it seems like more..it’s just a matter of fact that you learn more about what your own country did for a war, and therefor think you did more (or whatever it is you thinking)
So before you start accusing us of what we think..how about you actually understand a little more of what we think and learn

We appreciated our allies then and we still are grateful for them now…we don’t think we won the war..but the outcome sure wasn’t that bad and too far from what we were aiming for

I was tought in school(1949-1960) that it was a WORLD WAR, but that the U.S. played a Major part after they got in. The Americans supplied most of the equipment to Great Britain ( lend/ lease) even before we entered the war.That I never understood. How do you lend or lease equipment to fight war??I thought if you lend or lease something to some one, are you not to return it in the same condition as you received it?? But WW2 was a world war & ALL of Europe, Africa & Aisa was in it. WE all mede a scarfice to get peace in the world. By the way , that was the last war the U.S. was on the wining side. The korean Conflict is not over, just in a timeout, we lost Vietnam & if some people in America have their way Iraq will go down as a loss to..

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Ever watch a movie where lots of people fight for a common good, but at the end it is a showdown between just 2 people? WWII is kind of like that.

Russia was allied with he US and had a massive body count. The French resistance was amazing. Google “Jedburg”. The Poles who broke the Enigma code at Bletchley Park saved innumerable lives.

But one of the most memorable events to close WWII was the dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No nukes have been used since.

So as important as many battles were, the use of nuclear weapons kinda draws attention to the user. Plus, we have Hollywood who makes all the WWII movies.

They are teaching the kids that the Americans dropped the bombs and the war ended, not that only they won it. They learned that the Russians, British, and other allied forces worked together to win the war.

During the anniversary celebrations in Moscow in 2005 the Russians stated (in front of President Bush) they won the war… French History teaches that they won the war against Germany. If one thing did “win” the war it was the US Industrial might – an example being the trucks the Russians had in Berlin were of US origin. You are quite correct everyone from the people slaughtered in the concentration camps, to the french resistance fighters, to the merchant marine – contributed to concluding this chapter in history.

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