Why does my dog love puppy food?

My 3 year old Havanese loves to eat only puppy food. She has her own food but does not eat it at all. Every time I feed my puppy she tends to want to eat some too. Im not sure if it is safe for her to eat that food. She’s been doing it for a about a month and I’ve noticed her energy and coat improved since…

you could call and just ask your vet over the phone … but in my opinion, you should not be feeding the dog puppy food … my dog got into my puppies food, developed acute pancreatitis and was dead in a week … you should feed your adult dog adult dog food and if she has done better on puppy food, buy a better adult food …

Puppy food has a high fat content and high energy content. If she continues to eat the puppy food she will definitely put on some weight but it also has a good nutrients combination. I would look at the ingredients in you puppy food and see if you can find something similar for your dog that your puppy will also be able to transition into eating.

Did you switch to the higher quality food slowly over about two weeks? If not, that was your problem. Any sudden change in food will cause bowel problems. Which high-end food(s) did you try? If a very rich high-protein food like Evo or Orijen caused problems you might try something less rich like Canidae? Local stores that stock higher quality brands will often have free samples of the food that they sell you can take home and try out. Once you find one they like (and you will), switch them very, very slowly over. You’ll be surprised at the difference a good quality food will make in terms of their energy level, coat, and overall health!

Puppy food has much more fat that regular dog food. It’s delicious. Your 3 year old doesn’t need those calories. Watch when they’re eating and correct the 3 year old.


Puppy formulas usually smell a lot more and have higher levels of calcium and proteins. I would rather feed both of them a high quality diet and not worry about specialized formulas.

It has more nutrients then is needed and can cause weight gain

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