Adding new contacts Poll: Do you?

Email them to ask first…just add without asking or do you wait and hope that they’ll add you?

I’m a waiter…

I wait to see their DDs then I add.

I don’t really add a lot of contacts. I wait for them to add me cause I’m shy too lol. But if I did add them, then I’d email. Cause It’s kind of embarrassing if they don’t add you back lol. An email always helps.

I usually wait until I am added by them then have a look at their Q&A profile and if it is set to private then I do not add unless they e mail me first

i can’t imagine emailing someone and asking. its better to take a chance and add them cause you are saying your a fan, theres nothing wrong with that. All they can do is block you at worst. Not too bad

I want people to ask first unless we’ve been contacts before. If they’re under a different name, I appreciate it’s a “It’s me” email.
Trolls run around here a bit too rampantly for my comfort.

I only ask if it says to ask on their profile…unless…..
A-they add me first
2-they are a contact of a contact
c-they were once a contact but got suspended and are now back in the game

I used to be a waiter. I have now realized I’m too impatient for that. I do e-mail and ask first.

I never add first, I just look at people’s contacts to see if they are cool, then I accept or decline based on coolness

i like to add people who have the same interests as me, thats all

[i only have 2 contacts but thats fine with me lol not trying to be a big man on campus on Y!A]

I’ve only ever added a couple and I never emailed them first

I add w/out asking

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