Any unique ideas for a 21st birthday party?

I’m trying to find something to do for my friend’s 21st birthday party. She is leaving me in charge but doesn’t want to do the typical going out to eat, and we don’t go to clubs anymore. I’m stumped!

House parties are the best parties, perhaps make it themed, if your friend is girly, make the theme ‘you all have to wear pink’ or something like that. This would be pretty funny if guys were there too.
For my friends last party, the theme was “dress as something that shares the first letter of your name”.
For example, my names lily and I went as a lion haha.

Hope it all works out for you.

Ok, I am going to suggest what I did for my 21st because it worked so well. I hope it at least gives you some ideas.

So, the party was an “E” themed party. (My first name begins with E) That means everyone had to dress as something beginning with E. We had everything from Enchantresses, Emperors and Einstein to Ewes and Elfs.

For activities we had casino games – each table around the house had a different game from the roulette wheel to texas hold-em poker. (You don’t need too many games – it depends on the number of people coming – but we found that if the tables were big enough you could easily have 5-10 people per game) When each guest walked in they were given a cup with a certain number of gambling chips and told to go and make as much money as they could for the upcoming auction. (For gambling chips and cards, etc try your local $2 shop – they usually have reasonably cheap sets you can buy) Throughout the house were sheets giving clues to each item in the auction. Once people had played enough of the games we had speaches then held the auction. With the chips people had won (or lost!) they bet on each auction item which only had clues as to what each one was. (You can use little rhymes or cryptic clues to make them guess, but don’t make it too easy because half of the fun is finding out what each item actually is.) The items should be relatively cheap – but have a variety of things from food (like a box of chocolate) to novelty things (like a fancy whistle for example, or even some more ‘adult’ things for fun!) To make it more fun you could try to make these items match the theme of the letter – so each item starts with that letter – though this can be hard and works better if you have a letter like S or T to work with. Make sure you rate each item too – you can give them like movie ratings so if you have more adult type things they can be MA or R rated, while chocolate (assuming it doesn’t have alcohol in it!) would be rated P or G.

Anyway, food wise you can just do finger food. Spanikopita, mini pies, chips, dips, etc are all good. Things that are easily picked up and eaten between each game. Again, you can theme this if you like but that can start getting a bit too complicated and it is often good just to keep the food simple and edible!

As far as decorations go, we just did a colour scheme of red and black which worked well with the gambling scene! Just a few balloons and streamers – and I also bought some red lights to make the place look a little more ‘seedy’! You can do anything with decorations though – just choose something you think your friend would like.

Anyway, hope that gives you some ideas. If you need more info email me. I can definitely recommend this option though cause everyone seemed to have a blast at my party and I have been to other similar parties which have always worked well.

Edit: If it is just a few girls why not go somewhere and learn pole-dancing or belly dancing? That is a lot of fun and you could do dinner afterwards maybe? Or just have a spa day where you get pampered. Maybe a comedy club or somewhere for a dinner and show?

Hmm well I don’t know if you whant to do the “drinking stuff” but you can go to various bars (not clubs or lounges) but bars (i really like those “hole in the wall” kind of bars).

Or maybe, get a hotel room, and do kind of a sleep over, movies, junk food, drinks.

Why not have a remember when theme? Play music from your favorite bands when you were younger and dress as your favorite T.V. stars. Maybe hold a contest to see who’s best dressed?

Have an adult-only ‘toy’ party. Invite lots of friends! Serve margaritas and eat jello shots… it will be a blast!

throw a party and you have to go to club….that’s just the thing to do when your 21. no more fake id’s…ur allowed to be there!

you could go to a bar or you could throw a party

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