Can someone give me a brief history of of Israel & Palestine?

I know there is bad blood and all that but I’ve never really understood the full story.

I understand it’s probably complicated, but if someone could simplify it for me, and explain the current situation, I’d be very grateful.

The area was once the Ottoman empire. During WW1 the Ottomans supported Germany, so Britain supported the Arabs in overthrowing them and told them they could rule the land.
The British then also promised that the Jews could have the land…

In 1918 Britain was given the area in the Palestinian mandate, this included what is now Jordan, Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. In 1921 the British divided the area into Jordan and Palestinian territory.
In the 1930s the Jews started to migrate there because of persecution in Europe. The Arabs limited their numbers and the clashes began.
In 1947 Britain gave up the area to the UN who suggested an Arab state and a Jewish one. The Jews accepted but the Arabs were not happy, the Arabs attacked in 1948 but were beaten back.
In 1949 Israel extended it’s borders further than the UN allowed. In 1956 Israel wanted to extend again so they invaded Sinai with the help of France. They gave up later in the year due to international pressure. In 1964 the Palestinians vowed to destroy Israel.
In 1967 (six day war) Israel grabbed Sinai from Egypt and took land from Syria, the West Bank and Jordan.

Most people want Israel to return to their pre-1967 borders as it’s illegal to take land in war.

In 1976 Egypt attacked Israel but were beaten back. In 1979 Israel gave back Sinai to Egypt after pressure from the USA.
In 1981 Israel invaded the Lebanon and withdrew in 1985. Throughout the 1980s more Jews moved to the area and started to live in the West Bank, Palestinian houses were destroyed to make room.

Since then it has generally kicked off every few years in the same manner… Palestine throws a rocket into Israel, Israel fights back. Both sides are wrong for their violence and can both be called terrorists in their own right. Palestine is wrong for throwing rockets etc and Israel is wrong for treating Arabs like second class citizens.

The state of Israel was formed in 1948, the conflict is over claim to the same land and Israel’s expansion of it’s settlements and territory over the years.

The 1948 formation began with the Israeli-Arab War, the Israelis claimed the same lands that the Palestinians had occupied. The territory had been formally known as the “Mandate of Palestine” and was governed by Britain for quite some time.…

The 1922 census of Palestine recorded the population as 78% Muslim, 11% Jewish, and 10% Christian. Since then, most of the Palestinians or Muslims who lived in the territory have been relocated to designated “settlements” and territories in the West Bank and Gaza.…

The deeper history is thousands of years old, Jews and Arabs just don’t get along.

interior the Eighteen Eighties a team of Jews began coming up the in particular unpopulated land of Jerusalem. They prolonged, and greater Arabs began coming in too, now that the land became into greater livable. This section became into no longer a rustic, yet a territory of the Ottoman Empire. interior the early component to the 1900s, around the time of WWI, the Ottoman Empire became into broken up. a number of its territories have been formed into international locations; some, like Turkey and Egypt, have been already international locations, and became self sustaining. a number of the recent international locations formed have been Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Iran and Iraq. Palestine became into no longer waiting for nationhood, so it became into given to the British as a Mandate, with the objective of dividing it into Arab and Jewish states. This branch became into necessary because of the fact an significant component to the Arabs have been unwilling to stay peacefully with the Jews now that the Ottoman Empire became into no longer there to regulate issues. After WWII, the UN prevalent Israel as a rustic, on an analogous time as giving different components of the area to Jordan, and Egypt. lots of the Arabs that have been residing in Israel left at that component because of the fact they knew there may be a conflict, they concept the neighboring Arabs might win, and then they might get component to the spoils with out having to combat. It did no longer paintings. Israel maintained its sovereignty, and all Arabs who did no longer pass away have been given Israeli citizenship. So, after Israel became into prevalent, and issues form of settled down, the Arab pals desperate to proceed attacking Israel from Jordanian and Egyptian lands (West financial corporation and Gaza). ultimately in 1967 Israel invaded and took over those lands interior the Six Day conflict. Israel has controlled them on the grounds that then. nevertheless Arabs have engaged in terrorist assaults on Israel, and Israel has had to realize this sometimes. ultimately in 2005 Israel negotiated the inception of the 1st Palestinian state ever, Gaza. besides the fact that, Hamas took over Gaza and persevered terrorist assaults on Israel. This added approximately the present Israeli invasion of Gaza.

israel took palestine with the help of britain and france and palestinians where forced by armed soldiers “jews and british” to leave their homes and live in camps in other close countries. read history of middle east .

Palestine is a bunch of bully fvcking terrorists and Israel is trying to have a little niche in the world they can call theirs, and they want it to include their holy sites. THE END.

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