Do The Endorsements of Warren Buffet & Gen Colin Powell Add Compelling Strength To Senator Obama’s Candidacy?

McCains endorsement by Joe The Plumber doesn’t seem very strong in comparison.

YESSSS!! Bravo!! 🙂

They do, but with the endorsement of Joe the Plumber, McCain will not only have good pipes, he will also have clean windows, because a little known secret has JUST BEEN REVEALED:

Joe the Plumber and MR. CLEAN are the SAME PERSON!!!!


Have you ever seen the two of them in a room together at the SAME TIME???????

No, you say?


Your honor, I rest my case.

Lady Morgana

Actually, it looks like McWacko is endorsing Joe, rather than the other way around. He’s been using his name, as has Governor McSwilla, ever since Joe was teased out from under a rock and thrust into the spotlight, which Joe obviously regrets.

With that goofy Cheney-esque grimace that passes for McShame’s smile, John-boy has evoked Joe’s name as some kind of cult hero, despite the fact that mainstream media, from conservative to liberal, have “outed” Joe as basically a Republican ‘plant’ that has horribly backfired on McShameful and his coterie of smear-mongering. Neanderthals…no… wait… Neanderthals were productive, honest, industrious, imaginative, hard-working people. Sorry. Didn’t mean to insult Neanderthals.

Back to Joe: an obvious plant, UNVETTED as usual, who turns out to be unlicensed and a tax-dodger, yet somehow a ‘patriot’. How deluded can one campaign be? Look for massive numbers of defections in the next few weeks. How convenient (cough) that a McAwful operative “just happened” to be nearby.

And as far as repetitively referring to Joe, I guess McCrash must only listen to FauX Snewz, otherwise he’d know that the Titanic is sinking and that music the band’s playing: that’s a funeral dirge, not an inaugural fanfare. R.I.P. Republican hopes for 2008, R.I.P. Good freakin’ riddance.

Of course they do. The endorsements of one of the most successful billionaire financiers in the world, and an experienced military man who held the highest cabinet-level position in the BUSH Administration are far more important than the ‘endorsement’ of a dishonest unlicensed and unsuccessful plumber.

Who of comparable stature has endorsed McSame lately (or even in the last 3 months)? Nobody.

I’m a Democrat but if Colin Powell were running I’d vote for him, not because he’s black, I simply admire him as a person. Though I can’t fathom why he is a Republican, I’m sure he has his reasons. He has endorsed Obama over Mc Cain it just confirms I’m doing the right thing

Politics has stooped to a new low level. General Powell a conservative man, who stood for everything people like Obama despise and abhor, has put race over convictions. It’s a sad day for America, when we still have people like Powell voting on race, no matter how he adorns his endorsement of Obama. The conservative Powell has smeared his reputation, not because he endorsed Obama but because we all know he is a conservative endorsing the most liberal candidate in American history.

Of coarse, unless you’re one of those who believes knowledge is a dangerous thing like McCain supporters

I agree, they definately add momentum to the campaign.

Nope, they get one vote, same as Joe the plumber and the rest of us.

No, they don’t mean anything. He’s still going to raise the cost of living dramatically with corporate taxes, and personally, I don’t want higher taxes on my food, gas, clothes, utlities, etc.

Can anyone question the intelligence of these two men?
I think not!

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