I’m voting for a Republican, a Democrat, and a Libertarian. Is that a hat trick?

I live in Louisiana, BTW.

Senator David Vitter (R) and his Democratic opponent both want HUGE government, so I’m voting for the Libertarian,, not in hopes he’ll win, but just on a principles kind of thing.

I’m voting for a Republican for Lieutenant Governor, becuase the Democrat is, well, a…

Wow, me too.

It was hard to vote for that Democrat today though. First time in over 20 years I’ve voted for a Democrat.

Nothing in this world could make me vote for a liberal, Democrat, 0bama or McCain.

You are amazing. I am voting R and L

It’s best, in my opinion to vote for a pro-life,anti-gay Democrat. Or vote for another pro-life, anti-gay Republican. I wouldn’t vote for Cao if he’s very liberal.

I voted straight Libertarian, except for local offices in which there were no Libertarians.

I am voting YES for prop 19 in Cali. Sit back, roll a fatty and get high all day baby.

I may be doing the same. I will vote mostly Libertarian, though.

Because you have a brain, Master Obi Wan.

1/3 correct is not a passing grade.

I did in KY too. The only libertarians were local though. 🙁


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