Just had intake gasket replaced today, car still runs hot!!!?

I had my intake gasket replaced on my 99 grand am today. As I was driving home from the mechanic I noticed that the car still gets too hot when idle. I thought the intake gasket would take care of this problem, i guess not. What could be causing this? What are the symptoms of a bad water pump or thermostat? Would a…

The best thing that you can do is try to figure why it is overheating. I would not just jump to a flush, or water pump, or thermostat. A good mechanic can take a non contact infrared thermometer and aim it to see where it is heating more. It could also be the fan clutch. I know what you mean about getting taken, been there before. If that is not a option, start with the cheapest and move your way up. Thermostat being your first step. The best of luck to you! Josh

The antifreeze should be a muddy rusty color – your Monte Carlo takes DexCool, which looks like that right out of the bottle. It gets muddier with age, and some people say DexCool cooling systems should be flushed at every change. I have little experience with it (one car, one year) so I can’t argue. The rest of it is silly. If there is coolant around the radiator the intake manifold is not the source – if the coolant can indeed leak from the intake manifold (don’t know about your GM engine) it drips onto the ground. The cap can’t be cleaned because the rubber seals deteriorate. You need a new Genuine Chevy cap – aftermarket radiator caps are really bad. Unless it has been changed in the last couple years it is about time. If you don’t know when the coolant was last changed, this is a good time to change it (flush it if you wish) so you know when it is due next. Most coolant level lights tell you if the coolant in the reservoir is low rather than coolant in the radiator, which would explain why it didn’t seem low.

a intake gasket would not make your car run hot it would miss and get awful fuel mileage your electric fan may not be working and a water pump will leak water out of it i would check the electric fan if it has one on it then have the radiator flushed and cleaned if the fan is good also check the relays for the fan and fuses as well if it dont have a electric fan on it the fan clutch could be going out too if your thermostat was stuck closed it would run hot all the time but it wouldnt hurt to change it and make sure your car isnt loosing any antifreeze it also could be a heater core to or a headgasket just check the simple things first and work your way up to the more expensive ones

I have a ’97 Chevy Lumina, which is a sister car of the grand am. Couple of years back, I blew the intake manifold gasket, but they also diagnosed it with a bad water pump. I remember checking my oil when it blew, and there was water in the oil. Go ahead and pull out the dipstick, and the oil should look normal. If it looks diluted, then you have water in the oil. Then you need to have you water pump checked, and have you oil flushed. My total price from the dealership was about 1700 dollars. Hope this helps man.

yes definately take a look at the thermostat it is a very common problem with overheating and a radiator flush would also be good to go ahead and do a thermostat is like 12 bucks

your problem could be the headgaskets or thermostat……..find a garage who can perform a carbon monoxide test on your engine……..this test is quite simple and inexpensive and can determine if it’s the head gasket without taking the motor apart…….it’s a test done at the radiator with a blue dye that turns yellow if there’s any exhaust fumes in your coolant which is caused only by blown head gaskets or cracked heads, if your garage can’t perform this test then they are not compatent enough to work on engines .

I don’t know about a 99, but on older cars you can take the thermostat off, and run it with out it, check your radiator cap, check engine oil, see if its discolored from coolant leaking into the engine, check your cooling hoses, for small leaks, and your radiator for leaks.

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