Music poll:.If your life was a song, what would the title be?

BQ :Give me the names of 3 objects or things you love most and why?

hey ur avatar just made me so hungry!!

hmm thats a hard question!! so many songs out there that kind of relate to me….

could i come back to this q after i think abt an answer? lol..

oh well 1 of the songs r nobody not really by alicia keys b/c i have many worries and concerns and things in my mind that make me feel overwhelmed but i choose not to complain b/c i know how hard my parents work so i seriously dont wanna make them even more stressed. :/ gosh they work so hard to give my sister and i wut they never had and i love and appreciate them so much for that!! <3

Title: Living to Love (I love being in love but have just never met the right guy yet.)
BQ: Family, Glamour, and Culture (I guess these aren’t exactly object but they I do love them the most because (1) I can’t live without the love and support from my family, (2) I love dressing up and always being glamourous in any way possible b/c it’s a huge part of my personality, (3) culture because without my heritage and believes I would not be the same person at all.


The Legend Of Awesome.

Repentance – 116 Clique

Mexicans in Paris

Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

BQ: My cat, my phone, Miles Kane.

White Guy and Technology.

And to make it funny, make it by the Wu-Tang Clan.

Infatuation, Distraction, & Hope

BQ: God, my family & friends, & music

“I Hate My Life” Theory of a Deadman

“This Crazy Life” I am not good at these things.

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