Pet store/ puppy mill question?

Hi, i know pet stores are bad and the poor dogs come from puppy mills and i refuse to buy a dog from a pet store. But i still visit the pet store at my local mall b.c i like to talk loud with my friends saying that these dogs come from puppy mills and they look miserable in their cages. But is there anything that I…

I don’t believe there is a law that prevents pet stores buying from puppy mills, What you and your friends can do is picket the store right in front of their doors. Have pamphlets with facts and be ready to hand them out to passersby. Maybe the pet store will wise up.

The key to the main problem is the puppymills.

Bless your heart for trying to make a difference.

Unfortunatly, no 🙁 As long as the petshop workers care for the dogs up to the regulations, there isn’t anything you can do. The ASPCA and other organizations inspect dog breeders pretty regurally to keep tabs on how they’re treating their dogs. There are still sadly some puppy mills that somehow don’t get busted…mainly ones way out in the sticks. It’s awful, but there’s really not much that can be done unless you drive around and find one, record the conditions, and show animal control.

Poor babies, they removed the other sign hoping no one would ask where they get their puppies from….they dance around the truth and say from local breeders,,,as Pet Land, does not buy from local breeders, their corporate office has breeders and the pups are shipped to them….and not by local breeders either… Legit::the ones not sold are marked down to a very low price, then if not sold, the store writes if off as a loss, and the dog goes to a shelter..this is known fact for the ones in Texas.

No, there is nothing you can do & if the owners of the pet store want, they can kick you out of their store for causing a scene, best to inform people before they go into the pet store, *IF* they have plans on buying a puppy, but ALL you can do is try & educate them, it still won’t prevent them from buying a puppy where ever they please.

It’s actually against AKC rules & regulations to sell your AKC registered pups to a pet store. Don’t believe me, read the pamphlet. However, other registries have no such rules.

There is a puppy store at a mall near me too. I get sad when i walk in there seeing all those puppies in cramped boxes with no toys beds, little food and little water, not to mention smells bad. the employees dont even interact with the dogs.Unless u have PROOF, there isnt much u can do about it.

Try having people sign a petition.or ask the employees where exactly they get their puppies.

im not sure if theres anything you can do. maybe SPCA

I know there is a law in Hollywood that prevents selling of pups that aren’t rescues. not sure if there is anywhere else tho.

Don’t buy from them, Picket their stores, get everyone you can to not buy from them….for anything, not just for puppies and their other sick animals & birds, etc.

I agree completely with pom mom. Media attention always helps too… if they complain… inform them you will go to the media… it’s our right! : ) You should be very proud for wanting to make a difference!

i bought one of my american golden retriever pups from a pet store and got the akc papers from the breeder that sells them to the pet store…she’s healthy and is in my breeding group…there is no relative to relative breeding in her pedigree…i’m even thinking about getting another golden from this breeder since she don’t do any relative to relative breeding…it won’t be related to the first one…

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