Why does the leader of Hezbullah call the United States and Israel “zionists” and “liars” in his speeches?

In a speech aired on c-span the other day, the leader of Hezbullah called the United States and Israel “zionists” and “liars” and I wonder why is this? Who does he think he is to be picking on the USA?

Because He is trying to spin his evil ways and blame his so called “enemies” for his and Hezbullah’s terrorist ways against Israel.

Israel is the Zionist state. The US government and a portion of the citizens support Israel, so the Hezbollah call those people Zionists. Nasrallah is just another talking head, screaming for death and destruction in the name of his perversion of faith. :\

zionist was the movement (defined illegal some what in the muslim community) which the isrealis came to palestine and USA was its main backers….the liars part i have no idea but its probably because of bush being known as a liar lol

i hate the last question u’ve asked. Is usa the only country in the world. Y hasn’t he picked on France or Italy, Germany or Spain.

May God help you and your country usa, because your foriegn policies and the enforcement of your so called democrazy on other countries (eg iraq) has till date, not erradicated terrorism but rather fuelled its network.

Words are words and some would kill those who do not agree with their point of view. I would not. We send Israel about $2 billion per month. They use it to buy arms. The cease fire does not address who will pay for the civil damage done to Lebanon. It also does not require Israel to withdraw from Lebanon.

I think he is trying to get the US involved in the war he started. Then he hopes the media will call the Americans murders. He knows how to use the liberal media.

It’s much more popular for the hatemongers and you need to get all the psychos on board if you’re going to maintain a flame-fest. Everyone has their agenda and acts according to it! It’s all being managed by the new world order anyway so relax…the outcome is pre-ordained.

Zionists isn’t a bad word.

Because he is playing to a certain audience. If he does not play his part, he will be replaced. Moderates get rolled in that arena.

Because they are ling to the world and making them think what they want cheke this site i bet u never heard about it on the US media …. www.fromisraeltolebanon.info/

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