Would you agree that whining is, IN FACT, a productive way to spend your time?

I agree, and ANYONE (cough) opposed to it should be publicly ridiculed. Like so.

Sometimes it’s productive. The majority of the time, when I complain, it’s me thinking out loud. I rehash whatever it was that annoyed me or made me mad, but it’s a way of working out a solution. There are times though where you whine just to whine. While therapeutic, not necessarily productive.

No, and there are far too many people that have raised whining to an art form now days.

It depends what you are whining about. Come on honey please it will only take a few minutes please come on all you have to do is lay there you don’t even have to do anything pllllleeeaaasse doesn’t usually produce any positive results.I have even tried throwing myself on the floor kicking and screaming. I’ve gotten more results from whipping out the credit card.

Not unless you’re getting paid for it. By the way, are you THE Sweet Elf. You were a contact of mine long ago. You must have a new account.

whining is a wounderful way to spend your time

not only is it productive, but it can also be a form a bonding with love ones, plus they’ll get to know all your dislikes!

I think it’s productive, if only to make the whiner feel better…

It’s better to get it off your chest than to hold it!

My 2 year old seems to think so…and I think any age past that it is not acceptable. Just sayin…

Oh. I mean, except when I do it.

YES. I whine all the time…… and it seems to get me far…

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