Did the Liberal Media show the Video on the IIH Free Gaza Boat of them attacking Israeli Soldiers?

Man! No way were those people on that boat humanitarians, they looked like terrorists to me on those videos. The Israeli soldiers were on a small boat and they were hosing them, when some got aboard the ship the so called Humanitarians were beating them with polls, and stabbing them. Shocking video of a bunch…

If there is a liberal media, as you suggest, then the conservative media is better because. . .? The neo-cons invented “Liberal media” because the news would point out their flaws. Who was the most trusted man in America for 50 years? Anchorman Walter Cronkite. That being the case, I’ll take your “liberal” media over Boss Limbaugh and O’Reilly any ole day.

It’s important to analyze the situation with a completely unbiased opinion. If you base your opinion simply on the video that you see, then you limit yourself from actually seeing both sides of the issue without favoring opinions. The facts are this: 1.) Israel claimed there were weapons (rockets, etc) on board, none were ever found; 2.) 9 of the people on board were killed of which I believe 7 or 8 were shot in the head, not from a far distance but point blank AND in the back of the head, another was shot 5 times in the back; 3.) If people were not being starved to death and imprisoned on their own land in a concentration camp (the strip) there would be no need for humanitarian aid ships to be sent, Israel deliberately gridlocks the port that ships are supposed to go through

Exactly what do terrorists look like then?
Would it have been ok for an Arab country to do this to American ships and people?
What is the “cause of the world” ?
Why “is” Israel the “innocent ones”? Because you happen to agree with them?

How do you attack someone who is attacking you? Were the Israelis dropping in for a cup of tea? The israelis were attacking the boat, the passengers were the defenders. Look up next time you see the video — see that? Israelis dropping out of gunships. That was the attack. Attack, defend — look them up in a dictionary.

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