Mean, Evil, Racist People?

Ok….how do I Ignore racist and mean evil people? wow I sure get treated bad alot people call me racist names because I am black. I don’t get why their are racist people and they act like they know what you are all about. I get put down EVERYDAY because of my race! How do I just Ignore this and Ignore mean…

just think that what is important is that your alive & happy!

it doesn’t matter what you are on the outside just be proud of it & live healthy, happy & contented

because who knows until when we are alive so don’t waste your time with those mean evil racist people

at the end of the day those mean people doesn’t matter anymore what matters is you, your family, friends & those who love you for who you are!

Well most of the people are thinking about what the majority of any race do its not just yours. Such as In Islam we all get called terrorists becaus a few idiots decided to do what they did now every Muslim is a “terrorist” Many Black people (no offnce) are affliated in gangs and stuff and most of them are not educated so many of the people think every Black person is bad and stupid or dumb. Dont care what they say just prove em wrong.

Are you called those things in person, or on the internet in chat rooms, message boards, etc. I have discovered that weaklings and cowards love the anonymous [and physically safe] nature of the internet, because they can spew their venom without getting their azz kicked. Other people post hateful stuff just because they like to see people get pissed off.

I am very sorry for your pain. I hope you do spend time and get involved in activities with positive people who will show by their actions that there are many, many good people in the world.

I believe that for Some Americans they have alot of hate and ignorance in their heart. Those that harbor hate I am sure have not travelled or gone too far in school. There are alot of Americans and I am noticing it here on yahoo that are saying NO to ignorance, racism and bigotry. They are reporting the ignorant and refusing to accept hateful rants on yahoo. Be proud of who you are. Ignore the hateful no minds. They are scum.

The best ya can do is ignore them. The worse they can do is harrass you and then that’s when ya get the popo involved. He it’s better than having a big race war with the person. you both shed blood.

You mean like Jesse Jackson. Can you imagine any other “civil rights” leader standing in front of a microphone and saying what he said??? I can’t. He has set back race relations 30 years.

Nooo? Racists?

On this forum?

LOL @ sarcasm

Well I guess Americans arenĀ“t that free and brave…

no they dont

you’re just fanning the flames of anti-white sentiment

just know that they dont; know any better since they’re mentally ill and pray for them since they will burn in hell.

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