What mother would name there son Adrian! wouldn’t you rather name your son Mike, or Josh or Kevin?

Stop posting the same retarded question over and over. It’s against the rules.

Because you apparently have a Crush on Someone Named Adrian. That is why the mother would name her son Adrian so you can go out with All the Adrians in the world. There you go. Go find Adrians. Maybe from Rocky Movies too? However, in the Rocky movies Adrian is a girl.

Adrian is a unisex name
I know a Downs Syndrome man named Adrian
but I do like the names Kevin and Josh

why would you want a boring normal name like mike, josh or kevin, when you can go with adrian. Its a nice name that isn’t too common.

Not if I was pregnant with a boy and liked the name Adrian. It is not an uncommon name in the UK. I live in the US and one of our local doctor’s is named Adrian. I think he’s from England.

My friend’s brother is named Adrian, I personally think it’s a cute boys name. I like kevin too however, seeing as its my boyfriend’s name haha

My dads name is mike and i plan on naming my son that, but i do know someone named Adrian. I think its a nice name and really why should you care?!?

i would name my son adrian. i wouldnt give him a common name like mike, josh, or kevin. not that theres anything wrong with those names, i just think that more uncommon names sound better

adrian and mike are good names
not josh or kevin

If Adrian is what mom chose I think its fine. Its a nice name and also a unisex one. The others though nice are rather common, and taking a backseat to unusual names.

Adrian or Adriana is originally from the Roman Latin language and means “small dark haired person”.

My wife, is named Adriana, and my step-son is named Adrian.

My name is Kevin though!!

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