Why is FOX news the first channel to report all the Palin flaws a day after the election?

So, Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country. It doesn’t even shock me anymore, having seen her stutter herself through a few months of campaigning.

But Fox News? Is that even allowed? The last two months on that channel were a 24/7 advertisement for Palin, and a day after the election they confess that bad…

It kind of reminds me of Keith Olbermann, after Hillary said something about JFK, and he started freaking out about it. Only Fox News waited till AFTER they lost to drag it out into the public.

The third quarter earning report on News Corp. Rupert Murdoch’s corporation, tumbled 18% due to lost advertising revenue. Palin was a beautiful woman who helped attract TV viewers to Fox News, so once the election was over, she gained a reputation as a loser, so Fox dropped her from the airways. Nevertheless she has a bright future. She will show up again on the national scene, probably in two years, and run for US Senate.

It’s on Fox because this is part of a struggle between two groups of Republicans to blame the other group for the election. I mean, if you liked McCain and wanted Republicans to blame Palin for the loss, it wouldn’t do much good to tear down Palin on the Olbermann’s show, would it?

There is a split in the Republican party. The ignorant anti-American religious fanatics represented by Sarah Palin on one side and the corrupt going-to-jail neocons on the other side. And perhaps John McCain in the middle. Fox has just chosen sides.

They’re playing a dangerous game.

The GOP and GOP news outlets like Fox ASSURED US that Palin was qualified to be VP in an attempt to get our votes. By turning on her now in order to cover their asses and fix the party, they have to admit they lied when they said putting her a step away from the presidency was safe. If they admit that they knowingly attempted to sell us an incredibly dangerous bill of goods, it’s going to haunt them for years to come. Yet, this is exactly what they’re doing.

I wonder if the GOP is starting it’s death rattle here.

They’re making her the scapegoat for the failure of the campaign, trying to draw attention away from the people who actually ran the campaign. I never did believe that McCain actually chose her himself. He was not running that show. The people who were running that show need to point fingers somewhere. Palin is an easy and likely target, FOX is their puppet.

The last thing FOX wants to admit is that the Republican Party lost because they thoroughly deserved to, both for the campaign they ran and for the last eight years.

Palin was the easiest and least costly to sacrifice.

Plus they get to run that whole ‘fair and balanced’ nonsense while achieving their real aims. This is nothing new. Those who know about FAUX’s methods, aren’t surprised, and those who refuse to see it will continue to refuse to see it.

Do people actually watch Fox News?? I have to admit I feel a little sorry for her (just a little!!) because they are trying to blame her for McCain’s loss. I think she was just the final nail for his campaign. You don’t pull someone from the position she was in to run as vice-president of the United States. Anyone who thinks this lady could run in 2012 for president needs to be committed!!

You pay attention to anything Fox News broadcasts? That’s your problem.
It isn’t a big surprise that the campaign insiders are attempting to blame Gov. Palin. What I have decided, however, is that McCain’s loss was not her fault. McCain chose her, so anything that followed from that decision became McCain’s responsibility.
I voted for Obama, in a State that went for McCain. Politics make for strange bedfellows, but you ride the horse that brought you to the parade.
Turn the channel.

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