Are latin language speakers considered LATINO?

This dumb girl on youtube is arguing with me saying how portuguese, french, spaniards, italians and romanians are considered LATINO, just because of the latin language.
i said to her the term ‘LATINO’ only refers to people from LATIN AMERICA, which includes all spanish-speaking american countries and…

I agree with ‘In and Out’ on the generations. But I will add my point of view in say that I personally, and I also know many here who HATE this label ‘Latino’. I refuse to be called as such, at most I will say South American, and the right term, Brazilian.

The French gave the Latino term. But in the US the meaning got bastardized. Because the French also included French speaking countries as Latino, for example, making part of Canada ‘Latino’. But now because of the US Government, they use it to describe Hispanics, meaning Spanish speakers.

How many times Hispanics, like Mexicans would always say that Brazilians are the same, that we are not Latino. Themselves do not include us in this label, and honestly I am quite happy for it.

It’s not just because of the latin language but also because of the culture

There are three generations of latins.

1st – Romans (from Ancient Rome)
2nd – Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards, French and Romanians (“products” of the first generation)
3rd – Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Uruguay, Venezuela, Quebec (there are other countries who speak a latin language but don’t have a latin culture, like Angola for example, so they are not considered latinos.) – products of the 2nd generation

People in South America are known as latinos, the same way South America is know as Latin America. They are South Americans or Latin Americans (it’s easier call them latinos)

Latinos from Latin Europe (2nd generation) are only know as Europeans since they don’t belong to the same “location”. Call them latinos is correct but it’s confused because we call South Americans the same way.

Latinos are only people from Latin America who speak Spanish, Portuguese and French. Hispanics are all peoples who speak Spanish as a first language. Including Spaniards and Equatorial Guineans.

Yes, but It was Actually Napoleon III who began using the term to differentiate Hispanics from Americans.

that’s in all likelihood the fault of nineteenth century French propaganda designed to undermine the Spanish crowns carry over her rebellious South American colonies. specifically, Saint-Simonian Michel Chevalier a French author held that there grow to be this marvelous brotherhood between the Latin human beings of the Americas, France, Italy and so on. This grow for use to tremendous result to sell French pastimes in what at last got here to call itself “Latin u . s . a .”. properly, the call caught after the French left (fairly unceremoniously) and their impact waned. Later, Mexicans, Argentinians and Puertoricans with little else yet language and a few obscure “Latin” association began out feeling akin. “Latino” became synonymous with “Creole” sarcastically meaning that Latinos have been explicitly not from Spain/France/Andorra and so on. different authors like Jose Vasconcelos created an imaginary race that implied that those variety of latest Latinos have been all genetically homogeneous (which they actually are not). hence the confusion and silliness around the term and what it fairly skill.

Ok, the latinos are from latin america and spanish is a beautiful languaje, maybe the best!

we are latin american, most of us aren’t white,black, native american, ect. but simply mixes, due to that we started calling ourselves latino because we dont a race. latino refers to people from latin american not to white europeans because they are refered as white. we dont have a race so we use the word latino. is there something wrong with that?

No, and that is a very stupid thing to think lol.

people who speak latin are latino and since that language is extinct nobody is latino


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