Does anyone other than me think anti-gay activist Reverend Fred Phelps is the DEVIL?

A scalpel in the hands of a madman is a murder weapon, as is the Bible in the hands of Fred Phelps.

Only God knows if he’s evil or crazy or just very strongly deluded, but he’s not Christ-like by any stretch of the imagination.

Just because he’s an activist doesn’t mean he’s the devil. I see this so much. Just because someone has a strong conviction about something doesn’t necessarily mean that they can be classified under such evil. Christians have done much worse things in the name of Christendom than be anti-gay activists.

I don’t necessarily believe he’s the devil; however, he IS VERY VERY deeply disturbed. He’s also poison to anyone around him.

I’d also like to know why he focuses on homosexuality so much (perhaps he’s been suppressing a few of his own tendencies for far too long)… I’d also like to know what makes him think he can behave the way he does as military funerals… and I’m definitely concerned that murderers, serial killers and rapists aren’t getting their fair share.

I wouldn’t give him enough credit to call him a Reverend or the Devil. He is a insane and pathetic man using the word of God to support his hatred and racism.

its because of him and the individuals of his church that there have been protesters at my maximum proper chum’s funereal. He died very last 3 hundred and sixty 5 days in November in Iraq. those human beings bypass around the rustic and protest at infantrymen funerals because they preserve and stay in a rustic that helps gays. If i’m no longer flawed they stay the following too, so does that propose they hate themselves too?

You know whenever I hear someone who has rabid anti-gay rants, I think that they have some personal issues with it. Could it be that the Rev is trying not to come out of the closet?

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

It is not the person…it is the evil that operates through him

But the gays that he protests against are equally controlled by unclean spirits

if he and ann coultier had a son. that would be the devil… but alone, they are each just pathetic people riling people up to get attention and add some value to their worthless lives…

Oh man, this guy is right in the Devil’s hip pocket, that’s for sure.

He’s disgusting.

No he is a sad sad man who does horrible things just to get on TV.

I mean, picketting soldiers funerals, what kind of man is that.

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