First car – any suggestions?

I’m desperate for my first car any helpful suggestions as to which car would be most suitable for a new driver to buy

small, low power, cheap to insure

corsa, saxo, etc

It’s always tempting to get a sporty first car. However, this is one time when you should defer that desire. Get something affordable, with good fuel mileage, reliable, and inexpensive to insure.

Also, depending upon your neighborhood, you may want a car that won’t attract much attention for theft and vandalism.

Having owned 4 cars so far, I enjoy my old minivan the most because I can take it anywhere (downtown Newark, NJ or New York City or Brooklyn), park it anywhere and not worry about theft, vandalism, or door dings. It isn’t sporty, but it is worry-free.

Go for a Toyota yaris. You can pick one up on a W reg for around £2500. Group 2 insurance, reliable and quite a nice looking car. There not much to drive but for a first car there great. Don’t forget, low emisions to.

Get any brands beside Toyota, since you said you’re not a big fan of Toyota. Call a car agency or a car company that will help you get a new look car used 😉

Buy something that you wont have payments on – but bring someone with you who knows about cars so you dont leave with a clunker, a couple thousand dollar car should last you a couple of years.

I recently got my first car- a Vauxhall Corsa which is ideal for me, as like many learners I learnt to drive in a Corsa. I would recommend it. What did you learn to drive in, perhaps you could get a car like that?

well if u live in new englad i suggest a blazer because they are v6 good on gas and they have 4 wheel drive! but anywhere else but somthing small a v4 cus there very good on gas live a hond civic or a nissan maxima or altima there all prety cheap for a first car all under 6000

hi, the best car for you would be a little nissan or something as small as the insurance on a nissan is pretty cheap.
good luck

Ford KA,for goodness sake do not go for any french load of garbage,and leave Hondas alone as they cost too much on insurance.

You can’t go wrong with a VW, and if you can get a diesel that would be better still… careful driving and Good Luck.

Honda fit

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