How would an American woman president be seen by Muslim countries such as Iran, Iraq, & Pakistan?

Would Hillary’s Presidential presence embolden “the enemy?

Yeah, all the big macho men have been doing SUCH a great job…….bleh.

I won’t even bother talking to you about your sexism problem, because you wouldn’t listen anyway.

All you want with your question is a bunch of male opinions anyway. You are a sexist.

Pakistan has had a woman running the show themselves. Iraq and Pakistan are “supposedly” our friends. Iran might actually elect a leader that we could deal with. The hard liner they have now was elected after Bush called them one of the countries in the “axis of evil” before that they had a leader who was seeking to bring his country back into normal relations with the world.
So no, it would not embolden the enemy.

Not much… As you can see, Nancy Pelosi (regardless of how pointless) made a visit to fairly conservative Arab nations, and was greeted like any head of state. She was even allowed to wear a skirt, and wasn’t required to wear the Hijab for the photo op! There are female members of parliament in many conservative Arab states. Saudia being an exception… I don’t think an American president will have any less power at her disposal due to her gender.

First of all in these third world countries they have no respect for women being the higher power. I would truly love to see this happen one day, a woman dealing with all these political powers of other countries that supress women. This may be a change for our country as well as others, to show that women can equally perform tasks that men can as well! It is all in your political expertise and someone like Hillary would probably impact politicians in other countries, for once these chauvinistic pigs would have to allow a woman to equally express her opinions. Gladly, that we live in a country where we are all equal regardless of gender. I feel that persuasively she can do a greast job to soften the ememy! Remember what a man can’t possibly do a woman can!

Well, the president of the USA is actually just a figurehead, he/she actually is quite powerless in the affairs of the state, despite what is said by the mass media and the officials.

As for ‘muslim’ countries.

They are ‘muslim’ in name only. So they will only say what ever their superiors order them to do so.

As for the reception of the followers of Muhammad toward female leaders.

There are a lot of female leaders in Islamic history.

Khadijah was a powerful businesswoman, she was Muhammad’s first and oldest wife.

Aisha was a powerful leader, especially after the death of Muhammad, she was Muhammad’s youngest wife.

Many of Muhammad’s wives become strong leaders, they pretty much manage his estate before and after he died.

Nevertheless, these females are highly regarded, but the key is that they’re obedient and loyal to their husband.

Muhammad once said, “If I was to order anyone to prostrate to other than God, I would have ordered the woman to prostrate to her husband.”

If Hillary want to be looked up high, she need to display herself as a wife who is obedient and loyal to her husband, William Jefferson Clinton.

In short, she need to have her husband around with her, displaying how much an obedient and loyal wife she is toward her husband.

In the other hand if she displayed herself as a disobedient and disloyal wife, it would be pretty much go downhill. A ‘desperate housewife’ is a no no indeed.

In Iran, definitely not favorably — but then, they don’t look very favorably on our male presidents, either. Iraq has enough internal problems that it might not really make so much difference.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has already had a woman as its own president, and there is a possibility she may come back into the government very soon.

She would not be. Women in politics are not respected, not even with the so-called liberation of some. They do not listen to women, and women are not allowed in the most important dwellings of the country.

Hate to tell ya, she ain’t gettin’ that privilege, no matter what. Like I said, only a man can give us the respect we need, and if you want to keep toying with Hillary, things will get worst for us. Like the price of oil will soar to that $10 a gallon someone talked about earlier.

I think Pakistan had a woman president not too long ago. Iraq probably wouldn’t be too concerned, and I suspect most people in Iran wouldn’t care, but their current leaders might.

If Hilary was president, she would probably be seen as biotch, by everyone, ’cause that’s what she is.

according to islamic sharia, a woman is worth less than a camel
women must cover their bodies completely and refrain themselves from most social contact because they are lustful animals!!!
men shouldn’t even look them in the eye!!!!
and they must obey men at all costs!!!
a womans legal rights are also exactly half of a mans!!!!!
a woman president wouldn’t be taken seriously at all
but then again, we should not be intimidated by what those backwards fundamentalist think of our prosperous free and secular nation!!!!!

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