I think I have missed my opportunity to ever be in a realtionship. Is it possible?

I’m 21 years old I’ve never been kissed. I had this thing for this kid and now he is dissing me and of course he just said to me “Talk to me when you’ve been kissed”. I mean who wants to go out with a 21 year old who has never kissed anyone before? I’m just too old I missed my shot and…

Oh honey, you most certainly should not throw in the towel! You are still young and your life is ahead of you now. You are a grown up and you can make your own choices, don’t let ANYONE make you feel any less than you truly are. There are tons of jerks out there, I should know being 48 and BACK into the dating world UGH!!, but there are also some really great guys too who will appreciate the fact you are a GOOD PERSON! Many guys may act like they want an “experienced girl” but it’s the “good girls” they want a lasting relationship with…. at least the good men such as “Mr. Right for YOU”. Hang in there and NEVER lose hope… if this old lady hasn’t given up yet, then we’ll both hang in there together!! 🙂 God bless ya sweetie…. you’re a rare gem!

Stop the “woe is me” attitude and get some confidence. Why should anyone be attracted to your own attitude is “who wants to go out with a 21 year old who has never kissed anyone before”?

Ya know what? I doubt many guys are going to ask if you’ve ever kissed anyone, because they are going to assume that you have.

You’re just now an adult, you’ve got decades of life ahead of you…why are you throwing in the towel already, when you’re just getting started with Life?

Have patience and love who you are…confident people are very appealing!

each prompt of each day is a clean probability for boost. If we trust that each thing takes position for a reason, then it should be immediately in the course of the board – no exceptions. So if we “neglected” an probability, obviously we were no longer waiting for that journey. also, many circumstances i have meditated the topic of sense sorry about. yet, if i love who i’m at present (and that i imagine i’m a fantastically good individual) i’m able to’t sense sorry about my previous because if I had performed issues in a special way, i’d nicely be a diverse individual at present (perhaps no longer so good). each and each journey shapes our truth and hence has cost… an excellent poet once wrote: “there is not any such element as a wasted tear and no such element as a wasted year each and each journey has it really is worth no count number the way it may look.” playstation : i love Silver’s answer, regardless of if i’d not call it “mercy” i’d call it “endurance” lol!!! The God rigidity loves us and needs us to study – so possibilities will in simple terms save coming see you later as our hearts are open. 😀

Look I’m 30 and it’s not the end of the world if you’re not in a relationship. I mean of course sometime it’s like dang can’t I get someone but hey what can you do but wait on the good thing to come your way. Don’t worry yourself about it too much you are not the onl single person in the world that feels this way.

You have a long life to live. I have never been married but have had plenty of girlfriends. You did not miss your shot. 21 is young. Even if you were 41 it would not matter. I suppose with women you may be thinking about chlidren but other than that you are young. People have relationships at every age. My dad is 76 years old and he dates. Email me if you have any questions.

DONT YOU DARE SAY SOMETHING SO STUPID!! no you havent lost your chance!!!!!! so what you have goals! you have morals!! good for you!!!! you know what would kinda of be funny though…going up to that kid..grabbing a hold of him..and kissing him..and being like..what about that?!! but no! you have NOT lost your chance!!! not everyone cares if you party! i mean if a guy only wants a girl who puts out…parties all the time..and doesnt care! then good for them! but there are guys out there who want a smart girl..who is dedicated! and if you give your all into something 100% then its good enough! dont let anyone tell you otherwise! i think youre problem is..you lack self-confidence..which is a key thing to have! your self-esteem must have been lowered sometime and you need to bring it back up! youre a girl..true i have no clue what you look like..but who cares youre beautiful in your own way! so screw that *** hole for saying something so stupid like that!!

please, slap yourself, i am 18, and for 17 years I didn’t care about a relationship, ( I have never had a real girlfriend, just friends with “benefits”) during high school didn’t have a girlfriend, never when to parties, WHEN TO THE PROM BY MYSELF, and now I have realized that I needed to change, that I had the problem, (did not go out that much, too scared to ask a girl, did not accept myself the way I was, ……( the list gets annoying) ) now, I have changed, I go out more, I am not afraid to talk to any girl, I ACCEPT MYSELF THE WAY I AM, AND YES THERE IS ALWAYS A SECOND CHANCE (thats proof God exist) I meet a lots of people (business wise it is awesome) AND NOW A GIRL “ASKED ME” TO GO TO THE PROM WITH HER! , if there are second chances for me there are second chances for anyone else, just need to find strength ( Church helps a lot) AND ALL OF THIS DRUGS FREE!! call me cheesy, but thats the way I am.

you never miss the opportunity, don’t think like that, it’s better to not have been kissed than to be kissed for the wrong reasons, you sound like a nice woman so don’t ever do anything just to be one part of the crowd, everything happens for a reason and you still young enough, don’t do anything just to fit in it’s good to do things you believe in.

If this guy is dissing you, it’s better to know now rather than later that he is a jerk. As far as you being too old your only 21. You will meet a guy who will respect the fact that your a virgin.

You maybe just haven’t found or met the right guys. There ARE plenty out there like that. Maybe you’ve just gotta work harder at it. Youve got to think of yourself as cool, confident and beautiful, whether it be inside or outside. If people can’t like you for you, then they’re worthless! = )

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