If voters are really angry why don’t they vote for Independent candidates?

I agree the Mass. Senate election was mostly voter frustration but why would people vote Republicans back in power? Do they really think voting Republicans back in is change? Republicans and Democrats both are part of the problem. American voters really do deserve what we get!

Independents usually swing the democratic way, and right now they’d end up not being any different. The people are going to have to demand a cleanup and real change.

Voting a Republican BACK? What are you talking about, that has been a Democratic seat for 50 years. Even as a Democrat I’m sick of the arrogance! And remember only 51% voted Obama in, and way, WAY less than that want him now.

You vote for the person who has a chance to WIN and defeat the one you don’t want. Stop thinking only in partisan politics and we’d be better off. This is a nice little wake up call that everyone isn’t happy.
I’m still unhappy that more voted for Hillary than BO, and look who’s running the show with Pelosi.

Are there any independents running for office? If so, they usually just end up dividing the votes 3 ways with the least desired candidate winning anyway. Our whole campaign funding system needs to be reformed. Corporations should not determine who wins elections. They shouldn’t determine what is contained in the bills, and their lobbyists should not have any other power than to state their case. Until that changes, the voters are nothing more than a formality to abide by the Constitution.

i don’t think it was voter frustration. if mid terms always result in a loss then why did the dems hold that seat for 50yrs. there were other times the dems pissed off the country. but anyways. that is what the tea party movement us about. the tea partyers are unhappy and want another option.

I have every time since Perot ran against Bush and Clinton.

We don’t deserve the politicians who promised one thing and had no intention of dleivering.

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