Is arguing with fundies about science sort of like playing “Rock, Paper, Jesus”?

Rock beats Paper
Jesus beats Rock
Jesus beats Paper

Atheist have nothing to argue about as molten rock (earth) cooled (proving global warming is a joke) and formed piles of dust. From these piles of dust, humanity evolved and with be transformed again to piles of dust.

So for the atheist,

Rock equals dust
Paper equals dust
and Scissors equals dust

So regardless what the atheist throws, it equals dust….but they will say they have science or something meaningful to add to the conversation….but in the end, they only have dust. Nothing an atheist says or does will change the dusty end result.

As least with Jesus, there are options.

No Rock Paper Scissors decides dishes in my house. Which implies that at least something gets done.

Well of course Jesus beats all, but what arguments spcifically are you going on about? I am a devout Christian who believes in evolution but I still understand (and use) the scientific method.

Exactly like this:

You found Jesus? Well don’t that just beat all!

No, it would just be a game of Jesus. You can’t even try to put anything against it before they assume he wins.

btw, rock doesnt beat paper.

rock beats scissors
scissors beats paper
paper beats rock
chuck norris beats all

or like playing poker when all their cards are blank and they just draw the symbols on them with crayon so they always win

I don’t understand

how can they have five aces??

and why did I let them make the rules of the game???

It’s more like a nice game of Bash-your-head-against-the-wall.

Ha ha. Yes. You get a star!

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