My Honda Accord has a “maintenance required” light.?

My Honda Accord has a “maintenance required” light. I have never took it in for anything and i also think my alignment is messed up too. How much would it cost to for these two? im so clueless abut cars… oh and its a 2003 i hope that helps

First, check if your gas cap is sealed properly. The check engine light can come on with that.

Also, many Hondas have a standard service light that comes on after so many miles. Check your manual. It may just be telling you that you need a scheduled oil change or something.

Bad alignment won’t show up on any maintenance light for Hondas.

Honda Accord Maintenance

ur car is an 03? Have u owned the car for it’s whole life? If so, it is sad, u never took the car in. Hopefully u just bought the car used or “pre-owned”. Maintenance required light is to let u know that u need an oil change. PLEASE change the oil in ur car. Many people think that they do not have to change the oil. They wonder why there car dies. If u do not change the oil in ur car, the oil will eventually sludge and kill ur engine. U will need to replace ur whole engine, it is not cheap. It is cheap to change ur oil. Even if ur car is under warrenty they will not cover it, since u failed to change the oil.

Does ur car pull to one side? Please remember this too, if u r on a two lane road (One lane heading one way, the other the opposite) the road has a crown. The crown will make ur car pull right, because the road is slightly slanted that way for rainfall. Is ur steering wheel off center? When u have the steering wheel straight does ur car go straight? Another thing, do ur tires look the same all around or are the edges worn?

If ur car pulls one way, the steering wheel is off center or ur tires have signs of wearing on the outer or inner edges than yes u need an alignment.

For the price, it depends where u go. 20 – 50 for an oil change, all depends on where and what kind of oil u use.
An alignment can run 50 – 100, once again depending on where u go. It will be more exspensive at a dealership. But you get what u pay for. U have to watch drive through oil shops, they tend to forget things sometimes.

P.S. u should prob get ur air filter changed too

I’m not sure about the 2003 models but on my 94, I have a little key-sized button that resets this. It’s located on the gauge panel where the spedometer and all those things are. As for the alignment, get an air pressure gauge at wal mart (less than $1) and go air up your tires. It should be around 30-35psi. If it still pulls one way, call a tire store. They’re around 75 -100 bucks for an alignment.

If you have not had the car serviced at the intervals suggested by the dealer the light goes on. It is a reminder typically to schedule your 35K or 50K checkup.

My 2004 comes on at around every 15K or 20K miles to tell me its time to get ripped off by the dealer. It’s not a big issue if the light is on and you have been good about getting your oil changed.

Contact your local Honda dealer for pricing.

You should get it regularly checked up but the owner’s manual should have a way to turn the light off if it becomes annoying.

get an oil change first and then they will check for other issues.

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