Non-Americans: What is ONE streotype you have of our Country?


Hmmm, well you are perceived over here as being either anorexic or obese – no in between.
You are also considered to be extremely STUPID. (although unfortunately for you, this is because we have been shown examples. You should hear some of the tourists over here!!! One group thought we cut our trees with little rotating saws on the tops of the buses. I’m serious here. Another group ‘really enjoyed the beach and going swimming. Couldn’t understand why it was salty though’. I could go on and on and on here.)
People assume your schools are really divided up into jocks, nerds, emos, freaks etc.
Most girls are blond, pencil thin, cheerleaders, orange fake tan and say OHMIGOD a lot. (although they exist everywhere. I’ve been told once or twice that I’m like that!!!)
Guys like baseball and American football and don’t like ‘sacca’
Look at Friends or the OC and you’ll see what Americans are percieved as.
So yeah, those are the stereotypes this side of the Atlantic. Sorry about that!
😉 Capaz De Todo xxx♥♥♥xxx

It is that level of ignorance of the origins of the corrupt political
party system,why it was introduced into society,and who
controls the political system,and has controlled successive
White House Administrations and the United Nations.Given
the level of Depotism manifesting in the United States of
America,it would be logical that there should have been an
insurrection by now.The only differnce between Americans
and Australians,is the Australians have been disarmed,
whereas,Americans are not completely disarmed.

I do not like the general religiosity of the states, and their presidential system, the simplistic of how the executive brand is elected plus all the power that it has. american politics is a, how we call is in economy, an oligopoly, a simply agreement of the 2 parties, banish any new idea that might not fit in them, what is needed is a parliamentary system, that way, more parties will form 2 coalitions, therefore are not static sides.

ps: i have to say that the u.s economy system its… almost perfection 😀

High body mass index.

Sterotypes are crap.

I’ve like all Americans I’ve met, here in the UK and in Europe.

You’re really good at peoples names. We English are hopeless at that. But when you meet an American, they will address you by your Christian name all the time. Very polite and friendly.

That you lack intelligence.

We obviously know its not true though, as its just generalizing people, we are all different right?

Kind of like how people pick on Man United supporters and say we are a different type of human being=)

I sometimes wonder if people have met every one of the 300 million who support us.

US taxpayers %. up a significant ingredient to the well being care tab for many categories of folk who get carry of scientific care yet won’t be able to pay. that’s no longer constrained to ‘non-individuals’. There additionally are many charitable agencies who %. up element of the tab. curiously, those charities additionally are funded customarily by way of US taxpayers.


Only one ?

The misplaced sense of patriotism. Nothing but an indoctrination of ideas perpetrated by the education system.

I’m an American… I’m actually embrassed to hear all these things… but I do agree we talk crap about other countries… and we have a lot of people who represent us in a bad light.

Jeez only one? Just kidding,
The belief that the world revolves around what you guys are doing and how you think things should work. I guess in short the self involvement of your government.

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