POLL: House living vs. apartment living?

I personally prefer apartment living. I lived in an house up until age 19, and I couldn’t see how anyone would ever want to live in apartments. I guess I had the impression that apartments were for broke people. Life in apartments/college dorms is great. You have a lot of neighbors, so it is easier to make…

House living all the way. Apartments suck & nosy neighbors suck. House with a big yard, a big garage, a pool, a hot tub, barely any neighbors, privacy, and peace and quiet is where it’s at. I got plenty of friends, I can go see them or they can stop by. Apartment buildings usually have thin walls and you can hear your neighbors all day and all night…


I like the low maintenance part of apartment living, but the neighbors are kind of a mixed bag. People move in and out of here on a regular basis, and some have been decent and friendly, most have preferred to be indifferent, and a few have played their loud music/t.v. late at night when I’m trying to sleep. Also, in the last eleven years there have been three instances where I had to call the police about a domestic dispute.
All in all, if I had the money, I think I would prefer a small house with a yard just big enough to give me a little distance from my neighbors so that I don’t hear what’s going on in their homes.

I’m living in a 4-bedroom rambler right now. The cons are that there is so much space, and only me. Kinda quiet.

The cons of apartment living are noisy neighbors, and always having to be conscientious about how much noise you make.

I would love to have a house! I could make it exactly the way I want. An apartment is the opposite, but a pro of it is that you would be less financially strapped if you decided to leave it behind.

I like my duplex. It has the feel of an apartment with just a little bit of a yard that I don’t have to maintain plus a landlord to fix anything that breaks. Oh and did I mention the lawn boys are good looking?

Good for you. I prefer a house…I like the yard and love the privacy. I value the peace and tranquility that our property provides to us and our home is a respite in an otherwise crazy world. I felt that way in college too…so to each his own.

i feel the same way, when i was living at the other resort, i had my own lodge rm and it was kind of lonely cause everyone just kind of hid in their rms, now im at the other one and im in a dorm sharing the bathrms, its less lonely that way, id rather live in the dorms. i still have my own rm too.

house living

Apartment living for sure. I would haaaate to mow the lawn every week :p

I like house living. You can do things in your home, like redecorate and stuff. You don’t have annoying neighbors banging music next door.

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