RHH crew…please explain your name on here.?

I’m seriously bored.

I’m Scottish so my username is in Gaelic.

My best friend gave me the bonniethon part when she set up my Yahoo account for me. Not telling what it means though!

Orain Luiadh is a very old tradtional type of Gaelic music that came from when the women used to work the looms. One woman would start by singing a line, then it would pass in turns to every woman in the circle with the noise of the looms making the rhythm. It was also a way to pass on stories and history from mother to daughter.

My real name isn’t Bonnie.


Its The Nickname My Bestest Gave Me.
Its Actually “CelessyWessy” But I Just Cut It Short (2 long and it didnt fit)

Name: I saw the word Afrolicious in an Afroman video and I like Afros. The Mr. Me Too part is from a song by Clipse. Avatar: I have Mos Def because I like hearing his music.

Used to be named “Crypt,” until I got suspended a few weeks ago…so “A Cryptic Return” because I’m coming back for a spot in that top 10 before I go away to school

Oh and my knowledge >>>> everybody else’s

I am Puerto Rican, even thought I am a women (30yrs old) and I should be called a queen. But that was my nickname since I was little Rican Princess. Plus it was my dancer name. I use to be a professional house/hip hop dancer and had my own crew and we all had nicknames.

But my real name is Jenny, please to meet you!

I was listening to Mechanical Royalty by Babbletron when I made the name. Taz’s father always said “Blah blah blah yakkity shmakkity” on Taz-mania. I haven’t been able to think of anything clever to put in the parentheses lately.

Pimp C used to use that name as an alias and it was a really tight name to me. Seeing as though his name is Chad Butler and he comes out of the blue with Sweet James Jones. I always wondered were it came from. But thats where mine comes from Pimp C I’m just a fan of his music.

Mar2 short for Mar2d2 (real name LaMar) nickname from crew and my younger brother dubbed me that after a radio spot I did for him back in his college days

Ok, well my full name is actually Alice the x86-64 Instruction Set Savant and its my geek name that me and my friends came up with. Im not a geek or anything, but geeks/nerds/dorks are awesome, and im not being sarcastic!

New Moon Daughter is the name of a Cassandra Wilson album and I love her. I’ve had people think that I am wiccan and it cracks me up.
And you?

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