What would you buy from a “surprise” Party? (Adults)?

I am curious , open for suggestions about fun toys to buy at a “toy” party I will be attending tomorrow! Let me know what you think???? Be serious 🙂

It must be your first!! You will have a blast….you will be amazed at everything from scents, to toys, to lets say…furniture. You will want to spend your whole paycheck on everything and anything! What I luv the most about those parties is that you order in a seperate room…ya’ i’m pretty open about myself but i love the fact that ordering is private. Have fun & enjoy yourself!!1

I just had a Surprise Party a couple of weeks ago. We really had fun. We had a lot of friends to show up. To be serious about it I bought a Bullet Blaster and it is amazing. It may be small but it has a lot of power. If I give any advice is if you have never experienced toys then I think I would have to say you need to start with a Bullet. The double bunny they have I also bought it too and I really didn’t like it but everyone has different taste.

My wife brought home some of the fruit flavored body syrups and those can be quite fun. But is all kind of depends on what you are into. And how open minded you and your partner are.

I once bought my wife a toy for us to use together that we used once and it went into our “toy box” to never see the light if day again.

They have vibrating c-rings that have a bullet in them. Those are really good couples toys. Good for both partners.

Glow in the dark bubble bath is also a fun addition to the bedroom and kids like it too. Of course for totally different reasons.

Chips and dip, you can’t beat it! One block of Velveeta cheese, cut it into chunks and put it in a crock pot on High. Add one large jar of medium salsa. One pound of lean ground beef, fried until done. (The lean kind will leave little to no grease.) Put the meat into the crock pot with the cheese and salsa. Mix well. Keep and eye on it and stir occasionally to get everything melted. When it gets closer and looks like cheese dip, turn it down to low. Probably takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Leaves you plenty of time to do other things and it always goes well at parties around here. Just my thought. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the nachos or Fritos Scoops!

on the expensive side. They usually take you into another room to order so your purchase is private. They are fun and light hearted normally.

Depends on what you are into. They have edible lotions that really do taste like the name. The massagers work good.

Everything they sell is good, just depends on what you’re into.

Um vibrators, silver bullet, there’s actually alot of creams that make ur body very soft, oh and they have they linen sprays that smell really good…. I don’t know there’s alot of stuff 🙂

Have fun… I love them parties!!

get something the person likes most of all. don’t get anything shabby or cheap. get something that he will Cherish and like.

Get the “Windmill Surprise”

Ask them if they have the “jack rabbit,” or it’s associate…

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