2001 Nissan pathfinder se problem.?

The car shakes. a lot. and the service engine light is on. my parents just got the exhaust fixed (and the mechanic who fixed it said that definitely wasn’t the problem). and my dad gave me a piece of paper that he got from someone who knows how to fix cars and it seems that it’s the “cat. below…

You may have the tires out of balance, or wheel-bearings defect (damaged), jack the car up and try to test all of the wheels if they are shaking, there you will know, and replace the wheel-bearing if necessary, and balance all the tires ($15 each tire) you may have discount if you have 4 of them done. Go to auto-zone to have a free engine light check, thay will give you the code to know what is wrong with the engine, and have mechanic to fix it or go to the dealer. Good luck.

Nissan started building crap in Mexico like General Motors. Try Oxygen sensor.

“cat. below threshold” indicates a problem with a catalytic converter. It may need replacement.

the “cat” you r reffering to is a catalytic converter. its the smaller and first of two mufflers under your car. if it were going bad, ur car would smell like rotten eggs when you stop

i think you need to pay the 80 bucks to know what the real problem is, or your going to spending a fortune on trowing parts at it.

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